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Old 03-28-2011
TDIFan960's Avatar
TDIFan960 TDIFan960 is offline
Gender: Female
Location: In your Pants ^.^
Blurb: How Much Would a Wood Chuck, Chuck if A Wood Chuck Could Chuck wood.
Posts: 15

1. Micheal Jackson
2. Justin Beiber
3 .Lady Gaga
4. Three days Grace
5. Linkn Park
6. Adam Lambert
1. Fireworks
2. Closer to the edge
3. Sk8er boi
4. Do you reamber the time
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Old 05-04-2011
Nina Skye's Avatar
Nina Skye Nina Skye is offline
Gender: Female
Location: The space between spaces, or New Zealand. I always get the two confused.
Blurb: Everyone should party like Pinkie Pie
Posts: 625

My top 10, hmmm?

10. Taylor Swift (She has some good songs)

9. The Black Mages (What? I like their arrangements)

8. ACDC (If anyone dares accuse me of only liking them cos of Iron man, I will drop kick you)

7. Midnight Youth (Seriously, why are most of my top favourite bands/artists from my own country?! Wow)

6. Brooke Fraser (Another Kiwi artist I can listen to and never get bored)

5. Hayley Westenra (Yeah, one is not like the other. She inspired me to start singing so, yeah...)

4. Elemeno P (Kiwi band I love)

3. Paramore (Seriously, why is it that two of my favourite bands ever are associated with that abomination known as Twilight?)

2. Muse (Loved loved loved them ever since I heard 'Map of the Problematic. And yes, I loved them even before Twilight. I hate Twilight anyway)

1. Green Day (Anyone who knows me well can say just how much of a fangirl I am over these guys)
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Old 05-15-2011
Eira Eira is offline
Gender: Unknown
Posts: 5

My absolute favourites from the artists are Creature Feature and Voltaire, but that may change sometime. I like the song 'Pet' by A Perfect Circle, too.
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Old 06-04-2011
Lung's Avatar
Lung Lung is offline
Gender: Female
Location: Hungary
Blurb: Real strenght resides in the heart.
Posts: 24

Difficult task. I like a lot of bands. Hmm, let's see...

1.Watch My Dying
2.The Offspring
3.Green Day
4.Will Smith
5.Disco Express
8.Bullet For My Valentine
10.Three Days Grace
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Old 06-05-2011
Kurayami Dartz's Avatar
Kurayami Dartz Kurayami Dartz is offline
Gender: Yaoi-Fangirl
Location: Arizona
Blurb: Card Games Are A Way Of Life~
Posts: 55

I have many favorites but if I were to narrow it down to a top five it would be:
1. Attack Attack!
2. Black Veil Brides
3. Godsmack
4. Deftones
5. Dead By April
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Old 08-10-2011
Light_Kaiba's Avatar
Light_Kaiba Light_Kaiba is offline
Gender: Yaoi-Fangirl
Location: Evil Lair
Blurb: Fear my bitch curl!
Posts: 350

1. Green Day
2. Lady GaGa
3. Blink-182
4. UVERworld
5. Shiro Sagisu

1. Good Riddance(Time of Your Life)
2. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
3. Whatsername
4. D-technolife
5. Judas
6. Heaven
7. Basketcase
8. Holiday
9. Welcome to Paradise
10. Tetris
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Old 08-10-2011
eternity's Avatar
eternity eternity is offline
Not a Moderator
Gender: Female
Location: Best moment in DBZ.
Posts: 6,674
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Rebecca Black.
No, I'm kidding.

Uh... *thinks*
I actually don't really have "favourites", since I listen to a lot of shtuff.
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Old 08-11-2011
musigal's Avatar
musigal musigal is offline
Golden-Circle Lurker
Gender: Female
Location: with my panda
Blurb: My kitties are doopy and floopy, and I love them!
Posts: 7,896
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My boyfriend recently asked me, "What's your second favorite band from the bands you like? I know the first is Newsboys, but what's next in line?"
And I responded, without hesitation, "Who cares?" and then laughed.
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Old 08-11-2011
LordZorc's Avatar
LordZorc LordZorc is offline
Gender: Both
Location: Trolling from the underworld
Blurb: Every Villain Is Lemons
Posts: 12,462

Favorite artist: Rise Against

Favorite song: "Tribute" by Tenacious D
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Old 03-06-2012
Kaleiphant's Avatar
Kaleiphant Kaleiphant is offline
Gender: Neither
Blurb: Don't fake the funk on an elephant's trunk.
Posts: 174

My favorite song is either "Witch in the Ditch" by Erasure or "Railroad Boy" by The Magnetic Fields.

My favorite band is Erasure.
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Old 05-24-2012
Gigfran Gigfran is offline
Gender: Unknown
Posts: 1

Björk <3
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Old 01-10-2013
CELTIC's Avatar
CELTIC CELTIC is offline
Gender: Male
Location: North Kilt Town
Blurb: The internets favourite Scotsman
Posts: 5,873

My favourite bands/artists:

The Beatles
Elvis Presley
Simon & Garfunkel
Calvin Harris
Billy Joel
Elton John
Johnny Cash
Rick Astley
The Human League
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Old 03-06-2013
Wesker012's Avatar
Wesker012 Wesker012 is offline
Gender: Male
Location: In America!
Blurb: It's dangerous going alone. Take this.
Posts: 38

Here's mine (not in any particular order):

1. Carrie Underwood
2. Queen
3. My Chemical Romance
4. Eminem
5. Bon Jovi
6. Styx
7. Creature Feature
8. Garth Brooks
9. Jimmy Buffet
10. Brad Paisley
11. Evanescence
12. Rodney Atkins

I've also found myself taking a liking to Lady Gaga.
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Old 03-06-2013
killshot's Avatar
killshot killshot is offline
Whiskey Icarus
Gender: Kroze
Location: Red Neckington
Blurb: Yet another 5 star post
Posts: 2,443

Top ten

Dinosaur Jr
Built to Spill
My Bloody Valentine
Guided By Voices
Asobi Seksu
Neutral Milk Hotel
David Bowie
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Old 03-21-2013
WeirdSmells's Avatar
WeirdSmells WeirdSmells is offline
Gender: Hideyoshi
Location: Tucson, Arizona, where dreams catch on fire
Blurb: Certified Optimist.
Posts: 18,066

Frank Ocean. Just... Frank Ocean
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Old 06-09-2013
Cid Cid is offline
Gender: Unknown
Location: In a realm much like this one, but torn asunder by the agonized screams of those that defied me
Blurb: Your fear fuels my destiny of power and vengeance. Fear me!
Posts: 38

The screams of the innocents and guilty as they join together in the final demise are my favorite sounds. If they are not considered "music" to you mortals, I am sure your screams will be quite lyrical.
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Old 06-09-2013
Mistyskye's Avatar
Mistyskye Mistyskye is offline
Baby Panda
Gender: Female
Location: Somewhere...IN AMERICA!
Blurb: Firmly grasp it in your hand
Posts: 2,795

My absolute favorite band is Green Day. I also like Lady Gaga and Weird Al Yankovic. I love listening to classical music too.
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Old 06-10-2013
Lily x's Avatar
Lily x Lily x is offline
Gender: Yaoi-Fangirl
Location: Next to a Blonde and a Brunette, just another morning for Duke Devlin.
Blurb: Super High-School Level Historian
Posts: 370

1. Gorillaz
2. REM
3. White Stripes
4. Blur
5. Led Zeppelin
6. The Rolling Stones
7. The Dead Weather
8. (Early) Calvin Harris
9. David Bowie
10. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers
11. Green Day
12. The Raconteurs

I have a kinda weird taste in music compared to most girls my age, but I am proud of it.
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Old 09-13-2013
Keiralovesbakura's Avatar
Keiralovesbakura Keiralovesbakura is offline
Gender: Female
Location: Hell
Blurb: With the lights out, its a steak house!!!
Posts: 672
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Right now here is my top 5
1) Nirvana
2) Krewella
3) Late Night Alumni
4) Kaskade
5) 2ne1
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Old 09-22-2013
Marik-is-King's Avatar
Marik-is-King Marik-is-King is offline
call me the Mime: silent but deadly
Gender: Male
Location: In the deepest, darkest abyss in which your worst fears come to life to feast on your misery
Blurb: my macrophage will go phagocytosis ALL OVER your ass
Posts: 1,446

1) Judas Priest
2) Dio
3) Iron Maiden
4) Black Sabbath
5) Guns N Roses
6) Megadeth
7) Queen
8) Metallica
9)Led Zeppelin
10) Candlemass (original)

That's my top ten for now
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Old 04-22-2014
somethingswedish's Avatar
somethingswedish somethingswedish is offline
Gender: Male
Location: Lost Woods
Blurb: Blue Peeps Whitey Dragon Master
Posts: 39

Top 10 right now:

1. Built to Spill
2. Pavement
3. Beirut
4. Depeche Mode
5. The Cure
6. Billie the Vision & the Dancers
7. Belle and Sebastian
8. The Knife
9. Crystal Castles
10. Placebo
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Old 05-04-2014
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Gender: Male
Location: Narutoland, it's smaller than expected
Blurb: TheOcean is waving.
Posts: 5,689

Reach out to the Truth.
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Old 05-04-2014
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Gender: IT'S A TRAP!
Location: Kou Empire
Blurb: The world is what you make of it.
Posts: 1,184

Love Never Felt so good by Micheal Jackson
(It was a song recorded before he died it was just never realized).
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Old 10-13-2017
Red Twist's Avatar
Red Twist Red Twist is offline
Gender: Unknown
Posts: 1

Originally Posted by CrazyBoutAtemu! View Post
Love Never Felt so good by Micheal Jackson
(It was a song recorded before he died that was just never realized).
It's one of my favourite also.

Last edited by Red Twist; 10-16-2017 at 01:06 AM.
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