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Old 07-19-2007
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Story of My Life...sorta...yeah.
Lovely fairytale version of what life as a Geisha is, I personally enjoyed it despite the controversy. It opened up alot of people to the world of the geisha which was otherwise a mystery and also sparked my interest and now hobby of collecting and wearing kimono. And I live my life by the ways of the geisha, learning their arts, rites and rituals and incorporating them into my daily life.
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Old 07-19-2007
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i read that a few years ago and it really was a great book!

i suppose people thought it was contreviersial, but it didn't seem so in the contest of the time and story. i thought it was really well written. what surprised [and made me laugh] the most was that women everywhere talked about the feminity and how beautiful it was, but it was written by a man~! all his research was from interviewing a retired Geisha...

^_^ i thought that was interesting~! see! guys have feelings too~!
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Old 07-20-2007
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The story was very good, but I don't know... I don't think it was well-written at all.

I wish I read Mineko Iwasaki's original autobiography instead, since Arthur Golden's narrative lacked meaningful introspective. He was great at describing events, parties and maintaining a consistent storyline, but somewhat failed to convey such elements of the text through the eyes of the main character. He did a lot of solid research and all, but he's still a man. An American one.

The book's all about femininity, and in this aspect the text was just too weak... some scenes are too clinical, almost as if they were being told in third person instead of first. For instance, Chiyo's first period came and went practically unnoticed, not to mention the blatantly masculine point of view when Chiyo loses her virginity (by the way, the gross misconception behind the mizuage ceremony was just too big to be put in a best-selling book, but anyway). I was expecting some deep insight from a life-changing experience, not just the simple description of the actions taken.

Guys do have feelings, but not enough to fully comprehend the sexuality of a woman -- much less a Japanese one born in the 30s, and much less a geisha.
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