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Old 08-07-2007
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I'm not predicting a rush of replies to this, but here goes.

I'm a pretty big bukowski fan, I guess what I like about the guy is that he doesn't let metaphor get in the way of telling a story, and manages to be pretty witty while doing it, not laugh out loud, but little things like two characters deciding to steal the money they're given to put on horse races, thinking they don't have enough time to put it on, when one complains saying "What if they win?" the other replies something along the lines of "They won't, they can't pick horses, we always bet on the right horse and if they chose it, we've got the wrong one."

These aren't fantasy books, the "henry chinkaski" books are simply the story of an alcoholic working class nobody, his terrible luck with women, his bad appearance and his terrible relationship with his father.

And I like them.
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