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Old 01-22-2013
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Default IRC Chat Information

Information below
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This is a short tutorial to using the YGO:TAS forum IRC. So go visit there, hang out a bit. Updates may be added from time to time. Feel free to ask questions here if anything is unclear.

Basic Explanation:

To join the IRC, you need to click on the 'Chat' button on the forum. This is located directly under the banner, as illustrated below.


Once you click the 'Chat' button, you will be brought to a screen. There, you will see a text box containing the name 'MibbitYuGi'. This is the default name for a user and, if you don't want to make up your own name for the current session, you can leave it as is. Otherwise, you can substitute any name you want, provided it is not something offensive, against the rules of the IRC or already taken by somebody else.

When you're done, click the 'Connect' button and you will join the chat. You will automatically be placed in the #YGOTAS channel, but you can make other rooms if you want to.

Following is a picture highlighting some of the basic areas of the IRC:


-When you first join the IRC, go back to the tab labelled 'Arg-IRC, the farthest left channel tab. There, you will find the rules for the IRC. Read them before you start chatting.

Some Other Notes:
-If you see text similar to #SomeName, that's a channel name. Clicking it will allow you to join that channel. Some channels can be password protected, however.

-Names can be registered specifically to you.

-Clicking somebody's name in the userlist to the right side of the chat window will bring up some menu commands. These are PM, Whois and Ignore, generally speaking.

-PM allows you to open up a private chat with that person. Be wary of doing this with people you don't know, however, as there are several people that consider it rude. Asking first is never a bad idea.

-Whois brings up a box in the chat itself detailing the person's nickname, their registered username if any, and any Channels they are in, in addition to some other trivial information. In general, clicking on the Channel name will allow you to, again, join that Channel.

-When you make a channel, you gain effective OP status in that channel. If you leave, you lose that status. It is not gained by any of the people who remain in the channel, however.

-If you are an OP of a channel, such as by creating one, you have an extra option available when you click somebody's name, in addition to PM, Whois and Ignore. This is the 'Ban' option. Using it kicks the person from that specific channel. They cannot rejoin until the channel is emptied of users or the ban is lifted.

List of some of the common commands used in IRC. Some may not work, as commands are customizable by the IRC owners:

/nick newname
-Changes your name to whatever you put in place of 'newname'.

/msg Username Message
-Sends the private message you wrote to the user you named. The message has to go after the username. Does not have to be somebody in the same channel.

/join #ChannelName
-Opens the channel you want to join in a new tab, located near the top of the chat client. Also used for channel creation.

/who #ChannelName
-Gives information on users in the channel. Use # for normal users, @ for channel op and * for IRC op

/me whatever you want to 'action'
-For example, if I typed in '/me is dead', it would show up as 'Zairak is dead'

/leave #ChannelName
-You leave the channel that you named

/whois User
-Gives information about whichever username you typed.

/whois YourNick
-Shows the information that others see about you.

/ping #ChannelName
-Gives information on the delay between you posting your message and everybody else seeing it in the channel.

/ping UserName
-Gives information on the delay between you posting your message and the user you named seeing it.

-Um. Brings up the 'Help' function of the IRC. This will give you a bit more in-depth explanation of the IRC.

/quit YourMessage
-You leave the IRC completely, leaving behind the message you put after the /quit command.

List of some of the Channels in the IRC. Use the /join command to get to them. See above for more information.

#DSD - General game discussion, etc
#junes - SMT/Persona Discussion
#MMORPGStuck - Homestuck Discussion
#RP - RPing
#Teamfourstar - DBZ Abridged, etc
#YGOTAS - Derp

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Old 01-23-2013
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Thanks for this :)
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Old 02-21-2013
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I hate you both for not making this 2 and a half months ago.
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Old 04-12-2013
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A list of Channels in the IRC has been added and will be edited to include new Channels as I am made aware of them.
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