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Lightbulb Otakuthon 2016 from August 5-7: Post Convention Report

Otakuthon 2016 from August 5-7 in Montreal, QB at

Welcome to the post-convention report for Otakuthon, now in the top 10 in attendance for conventions in North America and the 2nd largest one in Canada!



The first 404s show was jammed packed already with the entire panel room full at its 200 seat capacity. The show began with talking about 99 things like waffle irons that had to deal with waffling bartenders. During the opening show, I gave a Press Conference where I was Gordon Ramsey admitting he’s a cannibal but I began it coming out as Donald Trump in my way of Press Conference speaking. Oddly those 2 worked well as cannibals...There were Moving People dealing with a Starbucks order with an extortionist (which somehow I mistook for something else so I’m learning!). Film Noir became a dungeon RPG and cheating to win by spinning through walls. The crowd’s props got involved too for an Infomercial on how to help sempai notice you, to Emotional Objects of pride, anger and lust. There were some excellent Sound Effects from audience participation as well, as everyone who helped on stage was so energetic and enthusiastic!

Many Random Lines were submitted by fans for scenes such as “A matrix which, when transposed, gives the same matrix, is known as a symmetric matrix”, “Why is the gum gone?”, “This is fun”, and the perfectly timed pair of lines “You spoony bard” followed by “My spoon is too big...” The Shrek Musical was presented with songs about keeping out of his swamp. There was also musical fun with telling the Bartender issues in song. Deadpool, a movie I need to get to seeing, was presented in a minute with some odd plot about a superintendent wanting his rent money so Colossus beat him up for Deadpool who was busy watching movies or slicing up bodies inside, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead wrote depressing poetry. That got sillier as cast members were voted out in Survivor format until 1 person (our pianist) presented the entire ordeal.

After the first show ended, I went to one of the Crunchyroll-hosted Panels done on the weekend afterwards, as well a portion of Con Turnabout where the French only case this time involved Fire Emblem. The former had a nice recap of the summer anime, most I’m watching at this time, and a big announcement of a huge conglomerate formation coming between Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth and others at coming soon.

The Late Night Show felt so special with the appreciation for fans as well as my biggest road trip convention getting a farewell with a fellow 404s participant on stage for the wonderful fans. 1300+ filled the giant Events room which made for a boisterous crowd so loud it was deafening at times. I’m glad they liked and cheered, in a particular front row section of ladies, my “The Rising Sun” theme song for NXT Star and new champion Shinsuke Nakamura, as that was done as a personal choice for something I had wanted to do, but it was icing so many reacted so loudly with his signature YeaOH with me! Retiring as a 3 time LPS champ was fun too as I humbly bow out of what likely is my last long road trip to a convention as I wind down a career on the road!


The Workshop was well attended again by a little over 30 attendees who just about all participated. They got to try some of the practice games such as rolling imaginary balls, clap focus and telling stories in a circle with Yes, And. A little mini-show was done as well at the end but with the attendees more involved as The 404s supported them, like in my case as a dead body to praise the sun or resurrect as a zombie as it turned out for Freeze Tag.

I attended part of the Anime Industry Panel being held by Crunchyroll’s Nate and Funimation’s Tara. It’s always good to hear from those in those jobs talk to the masses that might have people either interested in how it works or even curious to get hired and want to know what they’re getting into and with what qualifications would be needed.

The Finale Show was again a nicely packed group of attendees with 100 people that grew to about 260 once the show got going. At the Finale, Scenes from a Hat included What Superheroes do in change rooms at malls (noted were taking too long in there to stealing Walmart clothes as their new outfits and wearing them underneath their regular citizen clothing) to the next big sports anime (Ice Hockey for sure! Also there was Rock, Paper, and Scissors). There was a court case of Objection to defend dubs versus subs that somehow ended up talking about Singer sewing machines, Disney Princesses and how holding babies up counts as Lion King cosplay. We successfully told a story with the Alphabet in order about going to space and getting a shuttle door open!

A brand new game called Telephone told 4 scenes back to back with the same lines for hilarious results by the last “callers” having to deal with cemetery work. Another new idea was the “Three Cons, 1 Weekend” deal where The 404s were also in Edmonton for Animethon and in Vancouver for Anime Revolution! 2 games got filmed to exchange with each of the groups across Canada. The Eastside 404s got from Vancouver the News Reporter’s Green Screen where it was done inside the Gaming Room, while Edmonton supplied the first scene to view for Action Replay that the Eastside ended up doing as a parenting bonding moment by working out. The Eastside 404s also filmed for Green Screen a slow motion marathon with the line up at the Saturday Show, while the Action Replay scene was about loading bricks into a suitcase inside a hotel.

Some great participants for Pillars came on stage to help out a scene with their lines. The suggestion to see a Movie Trailer for the next Jurassic Park/World movie brought back Jeff Goldblum again and lots of screaming T-Rex dinosaurs. Dead Bodies got...interesting over mail orders for a family. Stand, Sit and Dabbing got pretty creative as well. A game show of Question This had quite a cast with Dracula’s cousin and implied thuggery involved and trying to reason category answers like Montreal. With an ending Irish Drinking Song about The 404s and during Scenes an impromptu Serenade to the cast’s musical director and pianist sent the crowd on their musical way to cap off the weekend!

It was a tremendous weekend and made the trips there and back in car that much more fun with the recollections of memories of the convention in the past and looking back at it going home.


-I got a friend a set of buttons from 5 Night’s At Freddy’s from Sanshee at and on Twitter @teamsanshee since the game has stuck with me if scary.

-In the Dealer’s Room I also got from The Dice Bin of The Distribution Dude at my own scooped up choice of dice for my Steel Dice Bag purchased a while ago from Rice Hat Samurai and some to refill the D4’s box The 404s use for the Minefield Late Show game. I found and bought the Manaphy Mythical Collection for Pokémon: TCG from Game Keeper at while Boutique Randolph at had the Shaymin one. I got some new Kill La Kill art playing cards from Conspiracy Comics at Navito World also got in my order of an Onoda figure from Yowapeda and Funami Yui of Yuruyuri Nendoroid. I continued my T-Shirt purchases of late by getting a Gouken’s Shotokan Dojo T-shirt from Chop Shop Goods too.

-I also got a new game called Love Letter from the tabletop gaming room at except I got the Batman version with a nice pouch and tokens.

-In the Artist Alley, I found Litten and Pikachu stickers from artist Claire Garu at, as well as at and on Twitter @clairegary64 as well as a Space Patrol Luluco with Nova and Midori postcard art from Adult Artist

-I received some Kirby Stickers from Nintendo. I got some giveaways from Bandai Namco of a mini-poster for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Eyes of Heaven and a Mini-Wall scroll for Project X Zone 2 which is a game I own.

-In a raffle I won an Otakon T-Shirt.

-Crunchyroll gave the welcome pack to every attendee, and a bracelet at their panels.

As always, I collect all videos of the Eastside 404s shows that can be found on the current ongoing Video Play Set at on my channel at

Check out this regularly updated public photo album of my convention photos (the newest photos are at the end pages of the album) at:

The latest events and links to The 404s can be found as well at the main website at and more YouTube videos at

Thanks for reading and enjoying the convention report!
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