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Old 06-17-2009
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Default Thanks to everyone at AnimeNEXT 2009!

By all accounts, AnimeNEXT 2009 was a great time! Big thanks to the folks from Zatch Bell Abridged, Nowacking, and Kirbopher for sharing the panel with us! Here's hoping next year I'll actually be there in the flesh, rather than having to appear via Skype.

Just to remind all of you, my episodes are also available to view at my YouTube profile CardGamesFTW. Also, don't forget, we're partnered with

Hope you're all having a good summer!

*goes back to editing*
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Old 06-17-2009
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Well looks like I learned somethin new. I had no idea you were partnered with him.
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Old 06-17-2009
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Ah, he's still alive then!
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Old 06-17-2009
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My God!
I never knew you actually existed, Little Kuriboh.
I've always thought that you were just some...thing made up to frighten small kittens and other abridged series makers.

"Now little Timmy, you know what happens to bad boys who plagarise, Little Kuriboh will come for them while they are sleeping and self-referentialise the shit out of them..."
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Old 06-17-2009
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LK, you may make some awesome parodies and videos... but you really do suck at stickying threads :P
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Old 06-17-2009
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Old 06-17-2009
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Info from LK's channel:
#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Comedians - Japan

...#Some people wait a lifetime, FOR A MOMENT LIKE THIS!
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Old 06-18-2009
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I just want to ask you LK one thing - have you seen my comment about on your livejournal? I said you should join them, and now you are partners ! That's really cool. I just wondered - am I the one who helped you with it? You know, it would be great to know that I helped one of my idols. If you could send me an email or something I would really appreciate that.

BTW, they will show some of your videos on thatguy, right?

Best regards,
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Old 06-19-2009
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Originally Posted by JesusRocks View Post
LK, you may make some awesome parodies and videos... but you really do suck at stickying threads :P

You going to take that LK?
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Old 07-01-2009
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Default guess what?:D

there's a different KIND of wiki that you can be found on!!!:D
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Old 07-22-2009
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I was there just got to the panel to late.
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