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Default Story iPod Shuffle

All you would have to do is put your iPod on shuffle and whatever song comes up you have to write a short story relating to YuGiOh in any way abridged or not. make sure to give the song title and who it's by so when you post a story people can listen to the song and understand where your creative genius came from (Post as many as you want don't hold back). Here are a few...

Three Days Grace~ Animal I Have Become:
No matter what I do I can never get rid of it; this cursed thing, the thing that controls the deepest and inner parts of me; even though I can see myself doing these horrible actions I can never stop myself no matter how hard I tried it’s… no he’s just too strong, stronger than I could ever hope to be; but in a way the more I think about it he is me, a me that I came to except even when others won’t.

Cascada~ Dream On Dreamer:
We’re different; Yes that much is true but it’s because we’re different we understand each other. As sentimental as that sounds it almost feels right even though we may never be perfect physically or mentally, but no matter what pain we both endured we can still conquer it together because the company we give to one another balances the balance scale of life. Because love can be so strong we both know that we’re alive.

Avril Lavigne~ Wish You Were Here:
You did what you want; you said whatever was on your mind (Even though it wasn’t nice), but if I recall that was always your nature, and because of that being I could never feel excepted amongst others. I had my own petty bubble; a line that was not supposed to be easy to cross but you always managed to squeeze through, and the more I tried to close it back up you would appear once again. I’ve gotten used to it that it felt so mutual; who you are is who I am inside, you were always there, everywhere I was from the start but I wish you could be here beside me… (Damn)?!

Darude~ Sandstorm:
Captured again… of course! Why would I expect anything different? It’s always the same: lure Seto away, kidnap me, and then take over the company: rinse, lather, repeat; man I wish it would be somewhat different, maybe a high speed chase with cop cars and gun fire, and the only choices Seto would have would be to either give up all the money he owns or give up his only brother. That sounds like a way more interesting kidnapping in my opinion.

Mokuba if you ever think that I would give up all my money just to save your obnoxious ass you better think again, no kidnapping is ever worth giving up my money tree, so I suggest that you stop day dreaming unless you rather stay here I’ll gladly leave you behind.

But Seto…

“Shut up Mokuba”

Avril Lavigne~ 4 Real:
I can remember that day clearly, the day you saved me from the angry towns’ people; it was like love at first site. You were so handsome with your Egyptian golden skin and your proud stance of courage against the many angry faces that surround; I just wish that our state of power weren’t so different then that way I could be with you forever, you felt so right to me and I think you felt the same about me too. You treated me with kindness spite what everyone said about me, and for that I knew I would have to see you again; I’m safe and sound when you’re around… my sweet Seto.

Becky~ I want To Be a Ninja (Speedisko version):
“Bakura this an important mission I need you to be serious about this”


“Good! Now make sure to be very very quiet. I must activate Super-Secret Stealthy Mode”

“Just to obtain his leather pants?”

“OF COURSE! Now don’t be difficult fluffy, put on you costume and follow me”

“I have a bad feeling about this”

Nickelback~ Next Contestant:
“Are you sure you should be wearing that?”
Anzu always wears the most skimpiest outfits she can possibly find in that so called wardrobe of hers to work; not that I mind her taste of cloths but every time she checks into work there is always that one person who thinks they can get inside her pants by the end of the day; why don’t they understand that they need to lay off my girlfriend! I’m sitting right there in plain sight making it quite obvious that she’s taken and they all seem to ignore me, unless I let Yami take over then they never seem to have a problem noticing him. Oh well at least it’s another safe night of work for her.
“Look Yugi we got a lot of customers today! <3”
“(I wonder why) that’s great sweaty”

Ke$ha~ Take It Off:
Marik: “Hey hey guys lets go to the strip club I heard those places are all sorts of fun”
Yugi: “WHAT?! Are you sure Marik?”
Marik: “Yea I checked it out earlier”
Ryou: “Oh, I don’t know about this chaps I don’t think we can afford to get winkers cramp (especially me)”
Marik: “Ryou only you would let yourself go as far as winkers cramp”
Marik: “Come on were going! Yugi grab Ryou”
Yugi: “Okay”

Melvin: “Hey come here often __ Mmmm this boys midriff looks absolutely delicious”
Marik: “Woe To Close!”
Yami: “I know what you mean__ This boys sexy leather pants got mine a bit tight”
Bakura: “How nice of them to stop by our stage to play hmm__ I think little kitty strayed away from his home a bit too far >:3”
Ryou: “Mommy!?!?”

Liam Lynch~ Happy:
Kaiba is giving Kaiba Corp employees a raze
Kaiba is actually nice to his brother “Hay Seto” “Shut Up! Mokuba”
Kaiba is sharing his wealth with the world
Kaiba is the nicest guy on the face of the planet

--- Actually---

Kaiba has a harem of female robots
Kaiba is still nice to his brother “Uh Seto?” “Shut Up! Mokuba”
Kaiba is screwing the rules because he has money
Kaiba is an ass hole “Like a boss”
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