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Old 10-06-2010
PCuzrMiroku PCuzrMiroku is offline
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Default Need a new movie editor

I am a newb to this whole video editing/amv type of world
But I have so many ideas
Ideas that aren't possible with the standard WMM
so, what do you guys use?
what are some good (pref. free) options?

all info will be greatly appreciated
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Old 10-06-2010
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I am not aware of any free movie editors aside from VirtualDub, however it is somewhat more complex (as in, you'd have to export your movie frame-by-frame, then edit each frame individually and reimport it). People recommend either Adobe Premier Pro or Sony Vegas Pro but both would cost you.
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Old 10-06-2010
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well I think WMM lot better system than poeple give it credit for, it simple to use while having most of basic systems needed, only real problem is lack of screen cropping to go along side time cropping and poor play back system, so my advise, aspecially if knew to movie editing would be stick with WMM for while and get use to general feel of thing before start going into more advanced stuff
PS won't find better free system than WMM, though are 1's out their, they are even more croppy and simple than WMM, the systems needed to make them simply to advanced to done for free if want done right

=However if really want to get straight into all extra toys, going to have pay I am afraid to say, now lot say Sony Vegas is way to go and I am will not disagree with them as they are far better editor's than I am, but will personally say that I do not like vegas much, I think they were trying to be too clever with it in regards to latest model and so the thing is ungamely and fiddly to use, but what no 1 can deny is that has everything need and unlike with things like WMM, when edit something have almost complete control over edit down to very subtle degree, while systems like WMM are lot more brutal about it all (but why free)

-In short, stick with WMM for now and get use to video editing first, and then if want to put more advanced idea's into practise, going to need to buy system and vegas 1 that most advise (though remember vegas works nothing like WMM anymore)
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Old 11-02-2010
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You could also use Sony Vegas but its ungodly expensive but totally worth the buy. it really comes in handy
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