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Old 07-06-2011
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Default Multiple router network

For all you Network Engineers (and wannabes) out there, I have a question.

In my current residence I receive internet from one of the switch ports of a wireless router in the building two doors down via a long ethernet cable stretched across.

Here's my problem: for various reasons I would like to set up a wireless router in my own building as well, as the wireless service from the other building does not extend all the way. However it was brought to my attention that having multiple routers on the same network tends to mess things up.

I've heard that if I have a router I can plug the internet feed into one of the switch ports instead of the internet port and it will behave like a switch. However, if I do this then would the router still create a wireless spot?

Alternatively I read there are various settings that I could set to the secondary router to minimize interference between the two, but I'd rather go with an easier option if one is available.
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