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Old 07-25-2011
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Default Naruto Abridged Theme song on Drunk Tank

Well someone totally took LK's beat-box theme song and used it as a user submitted theme song for The Drunk Tank podcast from Rooster Teeth (The guys who make Red vs Blue)

Thoughts? I know the Rooster Teeth guys probably don't know who LK is so they're not at fault but for the person who submitted it... ehhhhhh
Old 07-25-2011
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Actually, the song LK uses belongs to the series Mystery Science Theather 3000, so they have just as much right to it as LK does.

Proof here:
Old 07-25-2011
LoneSaiyan115 LoneSaiyan115 is offline
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ahhhh... I knew it was from somewhere but I thought he recorded a custom version himself.

Interesting. The more you know haha
Old 07-28-2011
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