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Old 11-09-2007
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Alright, I'm certain we're all aware of recent events; how Dix made a newspost about Halo, the complaints that it was not Yu-Gi-Oh related, and that the content of recent posts in the News section should be Yu-Gi-Oh related. Well, here's something you all need to read.

This site is not, and never will be, restricted to Yu-Gi-Oh, or YGOTAS content.

Look, the site was built around Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, we all know that. However, it was not built to be exclusively about either Yu-Gi-Oh or YGOTAS. Evidence of this can be found in the subforums themselves. Do you see that there are multiple kinds of subforums with multiple kinds of subject matter? Yeah, exactly. That alone should tell you that this site is not restricted to the content of Yu-Gi-Oh.

The complaints have got to stop. The target audience of this site is not the Yu-Gi-Oh fanbase. It is instead, rather, for people who like Yu-Gi-Oh TAS to gather and have general discussion. There are people here who are fans of both series, there are people here who are fans of TAS alone. There are even people here who aren't a fan of either, have only seen a few episodes, and are here merely to socialize.

So, I'm making this topic to say this: Stop complaining about content not being 100% Yu-Gi-Oh related. Administrative action is going to start being given if the complaints keep coming. This is not open to public discussion/debate. This is a general notice to all users warning of the consequences if this keeps up, and an explanation as to what the site is really here for.
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