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Old 01-08-2011
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Default The Games.

I suppose there is enough substantial info about it, so why not.

Let's discuss all the games that appeared in this season.(At least the original season) (i.e. The games that appear in every episode that determine the climax. :| Don't play dumb) Maybe prove they wouldn't work out, say it was awesome, kiss evil Yami's big toe, whatever.

I'll start by talking about that classic game with the picking of roses. (The Episode where Ryou first appeared and the talent/beauty show feat. Miho, Anzu and Katsuya)

I must say, I felt nostalgia because I had seen a version of this game in an episode of cyberchase, when I saw that there were only 5 roses left in the girls hand I thought Yami was done for. When he picked it from her hair, I nearly wanted to roll on the floor from the epic of it all.

I am also interested in how the abridged version is going to do their take on the games. :D

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Old 01-12-2011
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Ohh I love the games from Season 0.
I think they're really clever c:

I'm not too far into the series (except I watched all the episodes in the series with Bakura because I wanted to see his role...and yeah)

I can't wait to see what the games are going to be like in the abridged version.
Even though the game from episode one was shortened by a whole lot, I still found it to be funny.
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Old 01-15-2011
YaoiMeowmaster YaoiMeowmaster is offline
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Oh lord. If they ever get to do Bakura's game. (Which is like the last episodes) that would be gut busting Hi-la-ri-ty. There was so many traps, so many last ditch attempts. So much win. FFUH.

Yes. The games are so witty... <3
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Old 05-02-2011
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I hate to sound snarky (Is that a word?) but except for the one with the the lighter I thought all of them were quite stupid. the one in the amusment park( or water park, w/e) would have been cool if you didnt see the bomber there right in the first second.
the ones about duel monster/capmon were realy half-assed.
the one with the tamaguchi was pretty funny, as it all came down to jounouchi been a jerk.

for those who come here and don't know WTF we're talking about, here is the sum- up:
hugh ass spoilers ahead!

ep 1: yami yuugi fights a bully. the game is pick the high cards. yami wins because the plot demands it. (as seen in the abridge episode already)

ep 2: a criminal takes tea/anzu hostage. the game is: use only one finger. the criminal chose the one on the trigger of his gun. yami yuugi chose his thumb and used it on a lighter. The already extremly drunk criminal let him light his cigar for him, but instead he put the lighter, still on, on the hand holding the gun, preventing him from firing it, or he might catch fire from all the alcohol on him. (my favorite)

ep 3: yuugi meets kaiba. he is smiling through the whole episode. puppies body count is still incomplete. kaiba steals gradnpa's blue eyes and uses it against yami in duel monster. the blue eyes self destruct because of the heart of the cards. kaiba remembers in the last minute that one of his cards can end the game in a draw, and then go thorugh a nervouse break down because it ended up in a draw. idiot.

ep: 4 tristan/honda buys a rare watch for the girl who was'nt importent enough the be in the rest of the show. a creep who is crazy about watches steals it. yami fights the creep. the game: stop the stop-watch as close to 10 seconds. the twist is that at 10 second a giant thing comes and cut through you if your too late. yaami focused on the giant thing insted of the timer and pressed the button at 09:95. bullshit. the creep askes for another chance and get his stupid ass hand cut.

ep 5: shadi (is that how his name is spelled?) is introduced. after doing weird shit and pissing yuugi off by calling him a little kid, he goes into his mind, and meets yami. the game: find the real mind room of yami thourgh a maze.
shadi find his room, and almost get himself killed. not sure if there was realy a game in this one.

ep 6:shadi comes back and mindfucks tea and tristan, then challange yuugi to some stupide games. yami wins with friendship.

ep 7: everyone plays with tamagutchi. a weird kid treats one of his classmates as a pet, and yami challange him to a tamagutchi battle. yuugi's tamagutchi gets date-raped early on in the episode by joey's tamagutchi, and that makes him a badass apearently, so he wins. nothing makes even a little sense in this one.

ep 8: kaiba summons an old british guy with a doll fetish to fight yuugi in duel monster. yami wins because dolls are weak against sound waves. if you see logic in that statments, god help you.

ep 9. joey thinks a yo yo is cool. he is wrong. some bullies who used to be his friends are beating kids up using yo-yos as a weapon. yaami challange them to a yo yo fight and makes them drop throught the roof. why were they on the roof? why not?!?!

ep 10:there is an evil but pretty teacher that makes tea's life a bitch so yami fight her. he challange her to complete a broken mirror like a puzzle while being blind folded, and lets her cheat. she wins but she actually lost because.. its magic, STFU.

ep 11:remember that unimportent character? she has a stalker who likes crapsule monsters. yaami fight him. he wins because random special effect is random.

ep 12:a kid who has insane amount of luck and also works for kaiba challange yuugi. the game: matching pairs. the game crashes from yami failing so hard. and then the kid loses. then he stoped being lucky.

ep 13: a fake fortune teller tries to get into tea's pants so yami goes in for the kill. the game: bottles of poisenous gas fall at random. yami wins because the millenium puzzle defies gravity.

I'll continue the other half some other time. please forgive me for spelling mistakes because I am dead tired right now.

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Old 10-08-2011
Aeleita Aeleita is offline
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All I know is season zero rocks because the games are badass and Honda is a pervert. Seriously, have you seen his rapeface?
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Old 08-10-2012
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Right now I'm reading the manga that season 0 was based on. I skimmed through a raw copy way back in highschool, now I can finally read it.

The games were tame at first & he just warps their brains, but in chapter 4, Atem actually kills a guy indirectly.

Finger game. Bad guy pics trigger finger, Atem picks thumb. Guy points gun at Atem, Atem pulls out a lighter & lights the guys cigarette. He somehow makes the lighter flame remain on continuously & puts it down on the hand the guy is using to poor his drink. distracted, the guy pours too much & the vodka spills onto his pants. In a panic of accidently dropping the lighter into the vodka, the guy panics & drops his cigarette, catching on fire. It's not mentioned again & it ends there, & Atem did say one of them would die, so I'm going to assume the guy burned to death.

Good thing for Yuugi that guy was an escaped death row convict.

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Old 08-22-2012
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As of Bakura showing up, I'm predispositioned to favor "Monster World," as I am already somewhat familiar with tabletop Dungeons & Dragons & RPG games in general.

Bit hard to swallow though...They don't level, they face the boss monster almost right off the bat, & it can take months to finish a single campaign.

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Old 02-16-2014
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"Do you want to play a little game" Its very clever because He was copying Saw but Saw was a computer but he was like Saw .... and kaiba was a friendly kid but he used his body guards witch was weird because he sounded nice but he betrayed his "Best Friend"
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Old 03-10-2017
Jokertu Jokertu is offline
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Hi, guys! As for me, I do prefer, love and adore the games from Season 0:) ^_^
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