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Old 07-21-2007
Silverysnow Silverysnow is offline
Posts: 7

I'm sure there at least a handful of members writing fanfiction out there, even LittleKuriboh!

So tell me-

Who's your favorite pairing?
Your favorite Yami?
Tea lover, or Tea hater?
Old 07-21-2007
kycoo kycoo is offline
Location: California
Posts: 102

Favorite Pairing: Seto x Serenity
Favorite Yami: Yami Bakura (It used to be Yami Yugi, but YB's evilness gave him the edge)
Tea: It depends on how she's portrayed. I guess I just find her kind of annoying.

BTW, what's this have to do with writing YGO fanfiction?
Old 07-21-2007
Silverysnow Silverysnow is offline
Posts: 7

Oh shoot! Sorry, I made a mistake here. I put the wrong body. Sorry about that. I was making three other forums in three other websites simultaneously.

So anyway, what is YOUR fanfiction? Please inform us of your story in the following order:

Pen name-
Old 07-22-2007
kycoo kycoo is offline
Location: California
Posts: 102
Default's been a long time since I technically wrote "YGO fanfiction." I hardly read it anymore, because the quality has dropped so much, and I feel bad when people review mine and ask that I read theirs. =/ But if you really want to know, here's the link to my profile.

I'm assuming you write fanfiction, too. Want to share?

Wow, you sound like an extremely busy forum poster. xD Three other websites at the same time?
Old 07-22-2007
DannyLilithborne's Avatar
DannyLilithborne DannyLilithborne is offline
Gender: Male
Location: Chateau Aensland
Blurb: Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo!
Posts: 1,476

I'm new at fanfic, and try to avoid writing pairings. I'm actually writing a Sailor Moon/YGO crossover fic right now.
Old 07-22-2007
MaievShadowsong MaievShadowsong is offline
Posts: 20

I only recently started to write YGO fanfiction (but I've been writing Starcraft fanfiction for a while). I can't write pairings to save my life.
Pairings I like: Azureshipping (as in Kaiba/Anzu, not Kaiba/Tea), Trustshipping (Kaiba/Ishizu).
Favorite Yami: Yami no Yugi.

My YGO fic:

Title: A Vacation of Rabbits
Name: Dzerzhina
Genre: Humor
Summary: Kaiba is forced to travel around the US with Pegasus over licensing issues for Duel Monsters. Nonyaoi. Rating for swearing.
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearing
Old 07-22-2007
DramaAngel DramaAngel is offline
Gender: Female
Posts: 5

I use to write fan fiction for Yugioh, but I got, erm, busy with another series for a bit. ^^; I'm gonna start to write again, one of these days...Oh yeah, I should warn any one who reads this. All of my fics, except for one, are slash pairings. Though it would be nice to warn ya. So you can either rad, or ignore my post. Up to you. ;D

Who's your favorite pairing? I have a few...But here are my two main ones, as of now: Puzzleshipping {I think this one will always be one of my main pairings. =3} and Kleptoshipping. {If it helps any, Yugi is in both of those pairings...}
Your favorite Yami? Ooooo...all of them. =3
Tea lover, or Tea hater? Erm...I use to be a Tea hater, but now I am not a lover or a hater. It depends on the fic and the situation and how she is acting...

This is the only good fic that I have in the Yugioh section. The first few fics I wrote were horrible, but this one is at least readable. XD

Title- One Boy
Pen name- {Your not gonna find me on serach, but...: dogangelsrule }
Summary- Erm...not sure if I should say it on here. ;P
rating- T
warnings- Slashy fluff fun~! =D Also bad typing. I was kind of new to fan fiction when I wrote it. ^^;;;

Oy yeah, before I get haters attacking me like nuts, you never said what we were and were not allowed to post about. But, like I said, you can ignore my post if you are, as they say, against slash.
Old 07-22-2007
DeathT2 DeathT2 is offline
Posts: 4

I used to have a account myself years ago, but I lagged off of it in juniour high school. I look back at my horrible, horrible stories every once in a while and get a smile out of how much fun I had writing such horrible fics. Not much wrong grammatically, actually, but the content is just so horribly immature. It's horrible.

Nowadays I more entertain the idea of drawing YGO fanfiction than writing it, but I still have all the laziness that made me an inept author that I believe I could never get my ideas out and organized in a viable time frame.
Old 07-23-2007
fallennorth fallennorth is offline
Posts: 24

i've only ever writen one fanfic in my entire life and it just so happens to be a yugioh, me and my friend wrote it together so its well a bit insane...
Title- the odd day that got them all
Pen name- whitefairy (its my friends pen name)
Summary- ermm it seriously doesn't have a plot i could sum up very well..
rating- pg
warnings- absolutely no plot, tea and yami bashing in a nice way, cross dressing, shounen-ai
Old 07-23-2007
Hinoarashi Hinoarashi is offline
Posts: 3

I wrote one years ago that was almost worthy of being an abridged episode. I scrapped it when I got rid of my first computer, though.
Old 07-24-2007
Silverysnow Silverysnow is offline
Posts: 7

Thank you for posting everyone, I'll make sure to read them later.

kycoo, I WAS very busy. LOL. Just for that one day though. I don't have any stories posted yet, but I come close. Do you mind OC stories though?

Sorry I can't reply to all the other posts here. I have a time limit on the computer XD
Old 07-25-2007
xtsetse64x xtsetse64x is offline
Gender: Unknown
Posts: 13

yes i write fanfics. i love yami [atem]. i hate tea; she's annoying as hell.
personally i dont like cross-over fanfics; i feel that the actual anime loses its uniqueness when people do that.
Old 07-26-2007
Wolverinegal Wolverinegal is offline
Posts: 5

I write fanfiction! I've been reading for about three years and writting for about a year and a half. I don't mind OCs, as long as they fit in the story well and they aren't Mary Sues.

Who's your favorite pairing? ....oohhh that's hard.... Yamis x Hirakis (which also covers Seto x Joey)
Your favorite Yami? Bakura
Tea lover, or Tea hater? HATE HATE HATE her.

Here's my livejournal if you want to read my fics --->
Old 07-26-2007
xtsetse64x xtsetse64x is offline
Gender: Unknown
Posts: 13
Default is a great fanfiction site; check it out
Old 07-26-2007
kitsu3 kitsu3 is offline
Posts: 5

I've written lots of Yugioh fanfiction. I just haven't posted any of it.

Favorite pairings (b/cause of course I can't have just one): yamisxhikaris (not including SetoxJoey, though I don't mind that pairing), SetoxIsis, and JonouchixMai. I refuse to call any of the characters by the Americanized versions of their names because I'm just stubborn like that.

Favorite Yami: Yami Marik. I especially like reading things from his point of view, because the good pieces make you shiver when you read them. I can't quite get it.

Tea lover/hater: Neutral, mostly. I can love her if she's portrayed well; I hate Anzu/Tea-bashing. I don't know why people bother with it. I wish she did more in the real series, because she was a very interesting character in the first manga. It seems like her personality gradually deteriorated until she became the person all the Anzu/Tea-bashers love to hate.
Old 07-27-2007
xtsetse64x xtsetse64x is offline
Gender: Unknown
Posts: 13

yeah its true. if tea is portrayed well, then i dont mind her. but most of the time i dont like her; theres just something about her that bothers me.
Old 07-27-2007
Anixe's Avatar
Anixe Anixe is offline
Gender: Female
Location: Waiting for Godot
Blurb: My friends are mah power.
Posts: 125
Send a message via AIM to Anixe

I had started to write a fanfiction about the beginning of Pharoah Atem (like the first day he was born, how he grew up in Egypt and such) but alas, I had to research more on the Egyptology of Yu-Gi-Oh! to fully understand the real legend behind Yami. But then I kinda lost interest because I ended up reading the fanfics instead of writing them. XD Who knows, I might get to it sometime later in life. =]

Who's your favorite pairing? Yami x Yugi
Your favorite Yami? Uh, Yami Yugi?
Tea lover, or Tea hater? Depends and all. She kinda relates a bit of myself though. <.<
Old 07-27-2007
Egyptianeye's Avatar
Egyptianeye Egyptianeye is offline
Gender: Female
Location: In the middle of your heart
Posts: 11,092

Fave Pair: Yami x Yuugi and RyouxBakura
Fave Yami: Bakura and Atemu are tied.
Tea hater, Anzu's okay. (there's actually a difference, yes.)
My Fanfiction accnt
Title- Restless (YamixYugi)
Pen name- Chap 1:Aibou
Summary- YxYY. Yami's been struggling to tell Yuugi his emotions. Slight tendershipping... well.. more tendershipping as of late, theres bound to be more, and slight puppyshipping the future
rating- T for Bakura saying 'faiwy pwincess'
warnings- Shounenai, boys kissing... swearing, shadow realms, and chcolate body paint in chapter 12 XD
Old 07-29-2007
xellos88's Avatar
xellos88 xellos88 is offline
Location: Paraguay
Posts: 8,857
Send a message via MSN to xellos88

I knew ill find you here XD. And btw Egiptianeye, Leon, Mangalink, me and ocasionally other people are writing a Fanfic in the Off-topic forum. (Shame on you for not mentioning it :P)
Old 07-29-2007
Kadington Kadington is offline
Posts: 5

Pairing - Anything really as long as it's written well
Your favorite Yami - Atemu Why you might ask... Just because no real other reason then that
Tea - She is okay, don't hate her but she far from being my favorite character

Title- Yugioh : Revival of the King of Games
Pen name- Mistriders
Summary- Set to run along side the GX time line, Having lived without the pharaoh for so long Yugi feels a piece of himself is forever missing. Will he ever get this piece back or will he find out how to live with out living in the shadow of Yami?
rating- Currently K+ might jump to teen alittle later if I get trigger happy with swear words
Old 08-01-2007
VampireLemons's Avatar
VampireLemons VampireLemons is offline
Gender: Yaoi-Fangirl
Location: That box in your closet who watches you at night while you're fapping.
Posts: 102

My penname is Angela and MiniMix, and I have at least 50 fanfics posted on, so posting the list wouldn't be a good idea. But i can give you a link. <3

But the one I'm most successful with is Brownie Points, which is a Seto/Malik story.
Rating is Teen for future chapters and for Seto's complete nonsense.
Old 08-03-2007
jeeberdee jeeberdee is offline
Posts: 7

Who's your favorite pairing? YugiXyami.
Your favorite Yami? Yami bakura. Yami yugi seem a bit of a ego maniac and "I'm going to save the world." Yami Malik seem a bit to insane for me.
Tea lover, or Tea hater? Hater, she is just annoying but Miho is ever more.

I write them, but I never post type/post them.
Old 08-04-2007
SilverDragon90 SilverDragon90 is offline
Posts: 396

I had written a fanfic and had posted it on

Fav pairing: Yugi/Yami X Tea, Joey X Mai

Fav Yami: Yami Bakura

I don't like Tea that much
Old 08-07-2007
SilverOsiris SilverOsiris is offline
Posts: 9

I used to write Ygo fanfiction, but then I got lazy and just stopped altogether. I need to go back and read my poorly written fanfiction...

Fav Pairing: Yami x Yugi
Fav Yami: Yami Yugi/Atem
I don't like Tea very much
Old 08-11-2007
DragonSilk DragonSilk is offline
Posts: 18

I write it but I'm such a slow updater I'm surprised my reviewers haven't gone past the nagging stage and into the "hunt author down and force her to write" stage.
Mmm, I enjoy anything that has Kaiba in character. He's difficult to write and I've actually only come across three fics that had him perfect. A Kaiba centric fic, a Kaiba/Serenity, and a Kaiba/OC. So yeah, no specific pairings here.
But I think I prefer Kaiba-centric rather than him paired off with anyone just because I really can't see him with anyone on the show.
My favorite Yami would be Yami Bakura hands down. Especially when he eats the raw meat 'cause he's manly like that. ; )
I hate Tea but Anzu is fine with me. It's really the dub version of her that sucks out loud.
Old 08-11-2007
KitteyRin KitteyRin is offline
Posts: 13

I find that most people who tend to write YGO fics are either not so great, or they cliche everything. However, some cliches are very fun.

Favorite Pairing: I like practically anything, although I'm bigger on the slash and femslash than I am on the straight pairings. Not that I don't like a healthy dose of them now and then....
Favorite Yami: I'd have to say Yami Bakura, just because you can play with him as a character more- he's not as developed as the others.
Tea: Only if they don't make her a complete and utter slag or ditz, and they actually give her depth.

Title: Nothing to Fear
Pen name: Kittey Rin
Summary: While waiting for Yami Bakura to return, Ryou gets a chance to contemplate life and his relationship with his other side.
Rating: T
Warnings: Not a lot of plot, and it's a definite slash...and a bit of OOC probably, but not much.

Title: Forever
Pen name: Kittey Rin
Summary: After a theiving job gone wrong, Bakura decides to fix his fatal mistakes.
Rating: T
Warnings: Not a lot of plot, and it's a definite slash...and a bit of OOC probably, but not much. (Technical) CHARACTER DEATH

...*Shameless plugging*
Title: Coming of Age
Pen name: Anne la Jordanie
Summary: Mokuba deals with the strange problems of puberty. But how many people have their big brother causing these kinds of problems?
Rating: M
Warnings: Definate OOC on Kaiba's part, crossdressing, slash, femslash, slight lemon, etc.

Title: Stone Angel
Pen name: Anne la Jordanie
Summary: Serenity is abused but her pain draws those who love her closer together.
Rating: T
Warnings: Character death, slash
Old 08-12-2007
Leviathan Leviathan is offline
Posts: 18

Title: Countdown to System Failure
Pen Name: Anthrax Pixie
Summary: Introspective look at Kaiba & his detachment from true humanity.
Rating: T
Warnings: Hints of mental instability.

I think that may very well be the bulk of my YGO fanfiction. Just the one. & probably nothing worth reading, seeing as how many authors, I've been told, have written similarly outlined fics. I was very pleased when someone commented to say they preferred the way I presented the link between Kaiba & a computer, but still. It's an overused concept by now.
Old 08-14-2007
Floreance Floreance is offline
Posts: 7

Heh, i have two :D The first one is done. It was about the return of someone who has been away from duelling for 20 years for reasons unmentioned.

Season 1:
Title: The Return of the Champion
Main Character: Kaeos Necrou
Summary: One day, Kaeos' house burns down, and since he has nowhere to go, he decides to start duelling again. TO become the best of the best. With the help of an old friend, he gets enough funds to actually begin building up a name.
rating: ?
warnings: Well, a little swearing, but that's it. DOn't know the english rating system.

Season 2
Title: The Power of the Champion
Main Character: ( still ) Kaeos Necrou
Summary: Kaeos has become very strong from his journey, and now he sets off for a final mission. The final duel against the one who forced his past upon him. The only way to get there, is by going around the rules a little. Will he make it?
rating: Same as season 1.
warnings: Look above

This is my second season. To be honest, the first one was just to try out how well i could write. This second story is a lot better, in my opinion.

Title: The Other Story
Main Character: Wolfram R. Neri
Summary: 5000 years after a mysterious event, where most of the humanity was whiped out, a teen named Wolfram R. Neri, who is a master a game found in some ruins known as Duel Monsters, goes to Duel Academia. There he needs to overcome some obstacles, and ends up meeting a mysterious enemy. How will this end?
rating: Same as previous story. Maybe a bit darker, so to say.

I'll get link to the sories, if anyone's interested :D
Old 08-14-2007
Klepto Klepto is offline
Gender: Female
Posts: 55
Send a message via AIM to Klepto

Who's your favorite pairing? Yami/Yugi, Seto/Jou, Honda/Jou, and various others. :D
Your favorite Yami?bDoes Seto count as a Yami? He can be pretty evil. No? Okay, Season 1 Yami Yugi then. XD
Tea lover, or Tea hater? I like Anzu in the Manga and Japanese Anime, I hate Tea in the English dub.

I write LOTS of fanfiction in Yugi-Oh and other series. They're mostly yaoi, but I also do het when the mood strikes me, and yuri when it's requested. Please check them out at: The Utensil_Drawer!

I recently has to friend lock everything rated R/NC-17 because of the recent bull going on. If you're not an LJ member and there's something you really want to read, e-mail me at and I'll send it to you.
Old 08-15-2007
JohnnyFive JohnnyFive is offline
Posts: 213

I did a comic strip of Yu Gi Oh called Yu Gi Oh Vs The Transformers. Let's say that Yugi shouldn't challenge Megatron to a children's card game......
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