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Old 01-15-2010
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Originally Posted by DANMAN View Post
well, i think he got one or more of the people who are abridging DBZ. its safe to say i should give up looking for the series with yusei and....the gx guy. The whole 'ghetto' thing is funny with jaden. Industrial yusei is also funny. I just hope (if they decide to do it) jack atlas doesn't have his lame high pitched voice.
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This thread makes me lol.

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Old 01-18-2010
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My idea for a song that parodies an old english Sailor Moon song:

The Heart of the Cards
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Old 01-26-2010
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Rex and Weevil commenting on Little Kuriboh's music videos.
Song: Come sail away, come sail away...
Rex: They said 'come'.
Weevil: Oh yeah *his odd laugh*
Song: won't lose to Rex and Weevil 'cuz their evil-
Rex and Weevil: Hey!
Or something like that. Heh.
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Old 01-27-2010
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Kira's Italian laugh dubbed onto Melvin, Bakura, or Kaiba as a stinger. :smile:

It nearly spat my mountain dew all over the keyboard after hearing this.

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Old 01-27-2010
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Or maybe the korean version... XD
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Old 01-27-2010
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Oh dang those are scary. :O
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Old 01-27-2010
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I lol'd at the Korean one.
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Old 01-27-2010
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I think the English one is the freakiest.
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Old 01-28-2010
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The Japanese one is always authentic and creepy and badass, though.
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Old 01-30-2010
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This would be a great reference to the dub :-D I apologize for french subs, but I couldn't find some other version, which would be cut.
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Old 02-04-2010
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My friend and I have been talking about Yu-Gi-Oh season 4, and how nobody watched it! (I know I didn't completely; I had to skip through most of it to get to the end). So I mused; wouldn't it be funny if LittleKuriboh just abridged the whole season into one episode?!
Then again there is the chance that because the season was so bad, the episodes may make for the funniest abridged episodes ever...
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Old 02-10-2010
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Cool Idea for season 3

Original YGO series
episode 98
scene where kaiba is attack by the virtual dinossaur thing ( can't remember the name the name )

( They all fall into the virtual florest and a dinossaur passes flying by )

Tea: yugi what's that thing?

Yugi: Your mother...

Tea: What?

Yugi: It's a dinossaur... *dumbass*

Tristan: OMG We've traveled back in time!

Joey: Worst... we've traveled to Jurassic Park...

Mokuba: Seto how did we got here?

Kaiba: How the *uck am I supposed to know?

(Giant dinossaur thing appears and everybody gets scared)

Joey (pulling Serenity to him): Nyeeeh! Leave me alone take my sister instead!

Duke ( while playing sexy back ): Don't worry it wants Duke Develin... They all want Duke Develin...

(Dinossaur attacks Kaiba while he stands still)

Mokuba: Seto you're alive! How did you knew it wouldn't kill you!

Kaiba. I didn't... I just didn't want to continue this stupid Jurassic park reference... Now bring some new underwear...
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Old 02-10-2010
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Cool Another yugioh season 3 idea

Yugioh oricinal series
episode 99
scene where yugi starts duel with that guy in the lake

(yugi is walking by the lake)

Yugi: Wasn't this supposed to be bad? This is a world where am all alone and where the only thing around me it's children's card games references... This is like my dailly routine... How the hell am I supposed to be intimidated by this? I am the King of card games for crying out loud... That Noah guy must be really stupid...

(Guy appears from under the water)

Monster guy: Hello!

Yugi: OMG meko what are you doing here??

Monster guy: What? NOOOO!! How do you dare challenging the power of 4 kids? I'm here to steal your body and end your series... and when I do I will have to change that hair of yours [actual 4 kids dialougue]

Yugi: No one changes my hair! It's the only thing that makes my taller than Mokuba!

Pharaoh: Yugi let me take over and duel that guy! No one tryis to change my hair and gets away with that...

Yugi: No phara...

Pharaoh: Shut the *uck up and give your body

(pharaoh takes over yugi's body)

Pharaoh: Let's go you freaky fish guy! And this time is personal...

Monster guy: I AM NOT A FREKY FISH GUY!!

( Meko scene outside the virtual world )

Meko: OH NO! Someone is trying to steal my catch phrase! No one does that! And I will arpoon everyone that does that! Ocean guard our house while I'm gone!

Ocean: ...

(returning to the scene that matters)

Monster guy: I will be my own deck master, now choose your cards and your deck master!

Pharaoh: Like everbody knows what deck master I'm going to...

(Kuribu jumps off card and stars flying around Pharaoh)

Pharaoh: What the *uck?? Kuribu? What am I supposed to do with you?

(Kuribu looks at yugi in a very angry way)

Pharaoh: Oh yeah! You can't even talk... You are so getting a mind crush...
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Old 02-10-2010
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Cool Last ideia for yugioh saason 3 ( for now )

Yugioh original series
episode 102
scene where the duel with Tea and the penguin guy stars

(Tea is running and then alla orund her is frozen solid and just after she is trapped in little iceberg surround by water)

Tea: If only yugi's alter ego was here I could grab to him and warm myself, and then make out...

Penguin guy appears: So you are the one I'm supposed to... OH NO!! I got tea? What the *uck is this bullcrap? I wanted the large breasts girl!

Tea: OMG you are so cute! DO you want to make out?

Penguin: Oh fine... I guess one par of breasts even if their are not that big it's better than this birdy body...

Tea: Come here and kiss me

Penguin: Shut the fuck up little girl! I'm going to take control of your body and get out of this virtual world...

Tea: WoooooW!! I just wanted to make out with you my body is just for yugi! You will have to duel me first to have it!

Penguin: Yeah that's the idea!

Tea: Hell yeah it is!! Obey to your master slave!

Penguin: Just choose the cards and your deck master...

Tea: I choose the only girl that can take my yugi muffin form me! Dark Magician Girl!

(Dark Magician girl appears)

Dark magician Girls: Oh Great! I got stucked with Tea... This is going to be fun...

Tea: You cna talk?

Dark Magician Girl: Of course I can talk! I'm a girl! and much hotter than you...

Penguin: You got that right!

Drak Magician Girl: So let's just end this duel so I can go and make out witk Dark Magician!
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Old 02-21-2010
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This is honestly a tough one, he already hit Zorc and Pals really good.

But.... Maybe it is time to go on to GX/DGX. How many Yugioh series are there?

And, he could doa really cheesy ,Movie about that new, 3D one with Paradox and he travels back in time. He DID make a trailer... But being an impatient fanboy... I gotta love it and want even more!

Little Kuriboh = Super Special Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 02-23-2010
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Any scene where someone is chasing Yugi/Joey/Tristan/Duke

Person chasing Y/J/T/D:Get back here you chicken!!!!!

Y/J/T/D:I'm not a chicken, I'm a rooster!

(For scene at end of episode)

One of the big 5 is trying to take someones body

Yugi:There's no way you're taking Kairi's Heart!
(Kingdom Hearts, Hollow Bastion. Just before fight with Riku solo).
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Old 02-23-2010
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Cool Idea for season 3 (middle of the season)

Yugioh original series
episode 110
scene where kaiba enters the tunnel after mokuba

( Tunnel appears )

Kaiba: Noah you wil pay for making me ride on a motorcycle!! No one tries to make me look like those guys form 5D's!! ( kaiba starts running )

Yugi: Kaiba wait I'll Help you rescue mokuba!!

Kaiba(stops running): Oh yeah Mokuba... THAT TOO NOAH!!(stars running again)

Yugi: I've got to go too!

Joey: Yugi why are you helping him?? He is also trying to defeat you, and calling me a furry, and appearing in my dreams...

Everybody stares at joey like they are asking "what did tou just said??"

Joey: Nyeh!! I mean... he is allways defeating me it's getting really anoying!!

Yugi: I have to go or Kaiba will got more screen time than me!! I mean this is his season and if I stay with you I'll problably be attacked without no reason for some freaky mosnters!! So yeah... Good luck!!

(Yugi starts running)

Tea: No yugi I can't let you go!! We'll both die together!! And be with each other... FOREVER AND EVER!!

Joey: Ok that was weird...

Serenity: Wait did she said die?? Tea take tristan with you!!

(Serenity starts running)

Joey: Serenity wait!!

Duke: He is a ghost in a robot monkey!! He can't die!!

(Tunnel desappears)

Serenity: Oh good! Now I have to sutcked with this thing more time!!

Tristan(While rubbing himself on serenity's chest): Oh come on Serenity we are best pals!!
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Old 02-23-2010
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Cool Idea for season 3 (final part of the season)

Yugioh original series
episode 139
first scene of the episode

(Outside the duel)

Joey:: The winged dragon of Ra is the worst monster in duelmosnters!! And I know becau...

Tristan: Shut up Joey you are trying to atch the duel!!

Joey:: Tristan did you just told me to shu up?? I'm gonne pretend I didn't listen that... But if you do th...

Tea:: Shut up Joey!!

Joey:: What?? Did you... Oh wait something is happening...

(In duel)

Pharaoh: Get ready Marik, Sliffer is going to executive produce the crap out of you!!

(SLiffer attacks and his attack doesn't work)

Marik: Folish pharaoh, do you really think you can defeat me with jokes already made by me in previous episodes!! You are dumber than I thought!! Now Mega Ultra chicken get into your rosted mode and destroy Sliffer!!

Kaiba(Thinking): How I wish I dah those cards!! They are so cool!! I know I just wait until the duel is over and then kill them all and take the cards!! Yeah that sounds like a good plan!!

MArik: Now Pharaoh I'm going to take a part of my weaker side to use my rosted mega ultra chicken habilitie!!

Tea: Yugi you save to save marik!! Bakura can't handle all the fan girls alone!!

(Slkiffer is destroyed)

Marik: Your little friend has got a point!!

Pharaoh: What?? I don't care about Bakura!I was the one that send him to the hospital!

Marik:Yes!! But you ahve 2 choices loose the duel and give me control of the world or... U win and Marik desappears, and then you will have to deal with all his fangirls complains!!

Pharaoh: Yugi help me!! WHat do I do?? I can't hanlde all his fangrils complains!!

Yugi: What?? If you loose I will die!!

Pharaoh: Yeah but if I won!! My filming carrer will die!!

Yugi: Just shut up and win the duel we will find a way!!

Pharaoh: I guess you are right! I mean I think I can just mind crush them all!!
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Old 02-23-2010
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Cool Idea for season 3 ( 3 agains 1 duel )

Yugioh oriignal series
episode 106
scene where Serenity, duke and tristan start teh duel

(They are all in the folorest and see a door)

Tristan: Hey look a door! Where does it lead??

Duke(sexy back): How AM I supposed to know?? And why are you talking to me?? I should kick your ass I still remember that you tried to kill me in season 2!!

Serenity:: COme on guys don't fight!! Let's just try the door already!!

Tristan: No wait! What if it leads to Narnia?? I'm scared of the witch!!

Duke(sexy back): We can't stay in ehre forever...

Tristan: YEah you wnat us to enter don't you!! I should have killed you when I had the chance like zac and cody told me too...

Zac ( or cody I don't know ): DOn't woory tristan we will kill him just you waiit!! Just you wait...

Serenity: Oh come on tristan don't be a sissy!! You are taking Bakura's place...

(Serenity opens the door and they all go to that big garage thing)

Serenity: Where are we??

TRistan: What ahve you done witch?? IS this your ice castle??

Duke ( sexy back): If I say yes can we have some 3 action??

Serenity: No... Wiat what is that??

( RObot guy appears)

Robot guy: Greatings simple life forms!! I'm here to challenge you toa duel and take all your bodys!!

Tristan: I don't rememeber optimus prime appearing in Narnia...

Duke( sexy back): wooow!! No one takes duke develin's body without dinner and a movie first!!

Robot guy: No need for that we will duel for them!!

Duke ( sexy back): Just dinner??

RObot guy: Choose your cards and deck masters!! I will be my own deck master...

(They all start choosing decks)

Serenity: Tristan what do I do??

Tristan (WHILE CHOOSING CARDS): *music form transformers opening*

Serenity: why did I fell with this guy??

Duke( sexy back):alright m deckmaster will be this sexy ninja guy!! Just like duke develin!

Serenity: I choose godess with the third eye!!

Tristan: I choose my blue power ranger!! Because everybody knos power rangers can beat up giant robots!!

Robot guy: Ok before we begin, I will open this really large hole with lava on the bottom, and if you cheat you will fall in it, and if you loose too!!

Tristan: Just like Smeagel from lord of th rings..

Zac ( or cody I don't know ): Soon enough we will throw that witch to the lava hole and we will have serenity for myself...

Tristan:: what about me??

Zac ( or cody I don't know ): SHut up asshole!!
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Old 02-23-2010
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Default Idea for season 3 ( guys in tristan's boddy)

Yugioh original series
episode 111
scene where joey adn yugi start teh duel with 5 guys in tristan body

( Tristan's body appears )

Kaiba: Oh great it's that geek of your that sounds like barney the dinossaur!!

SOme guy in tristan's body: Yes!! Bu not just tristan's body, tristan's body with all 5 of us inside of it!!

( all deck amster appear)

Tristan: Yugi do something they are raping me!!

Yugi: Give joey's body back!! Tristan cant continue in this monkey boddy, er are giving to much screen rime, just give him is stupid body back and give all that screen time!

SOme guy in tristan's body: If you want your friends body, you will have to duel us!!

Joey: Why don't I beat the crap out of you with my brooklyn rage??

SOme guy in tristan's body: because we have to follow the orthers of our master Noah and he wants us to duel you!!

Yugi: You take orders form 12 ear old?? That's lame!!

SOme guy in tristan's body: Just shut up and fight us!!

Joey: I will duel too!!

Yugi: Joey why do you wnat to do that??

Joey: because I don't want to be one of the lossers suproting while you get all teh screen time!!

Kaiba: Screw this I've been with this loosers too much time!!

(Yugi trnasforms in Atem)

Atem: Ok Joey but don't forget you do everything I say!!

Joey:: Nyeh!! ok...

SOme guy in tristan's body: Ok let's duel choose your decks and deck masters!!

Atem: I choose Dark magician!! I'm so glad kuribu did not jumped out of the stupid card again...

joey: I choose my flaming swordsmen!!

SOme guy in tristan's body: Ok let's duel!! To star I'll play my amgic card wich turns the duel cmap in an ocean wich will make your hair all moist and then you will not be able to focused in our duel!!

Atem: NOOO!! NOT my hair!! And my leather pant you moist them!! YOU ARE SO DEAD!!

Tea: This is bowring...

Duke Develin ( Sexy back ): DO you want to do something fun?? LEt's all go behind that rock over there!!

Tea:: Hmmmm ok...

Joey: NYEH where are you going?? Serenity be carefull with Duke!!

Atem: Oh come on joey don't be stupid your sister was with tristan alone in an hospital room separated form teh rest of the world... Tristan it's not that dumb...

Joey: Nyeh!! I'm going to kill that guy!!

Tristan (backsound):: AH AH your sister is hot!!

Duke Develin ( Sexy back ): Yes it is!!

Some guy in tristan's body: Are we going to duel or what??
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Old 02-25-2010
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"Big Five? You mean like a deck of cards?"

"It's the Big Five!"

Last edited by Noah Kaiba; 02-25-2010 at 03:58 PM.
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Old 03-03-2010
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Season three looks sounds pretty awesome now XD

What I would LOVE to see as a special or something of everyone's reaction to shippings directed at them! Like;
Tea: I KNOW everyone's a fan of whatever pairing the one between me and YUGI is!
Person on a computer showing the shippings: Uh...actually Yugi's most liked in Puzzleshipping, meaning people like pairing him with the Pharoah spirt.
Yami: Score~ I've got someone to sleep with~
Yugi: Oh f*ck.
Joey: Nyeh~
Computer person: Don't laugh yet, Joey. People pair YOU with Kaiba.
Joey: NYEH?! But he calls me a mutt, AND he's a rich BASTARD!
Computer: Yeah, well, fans can get desperate and do the whole "Thin line between love and hate" thing.
Joey: Why can't they stick with me and hot Mai...HEY WAIT! If they do that hate and love thing, wouldn't A LOT of minor characters be paired with Yugi and me?
Computer guy: Hmm?
Tristen: Hey yeah, I know a lot of people who want to kick Joey's ass, me included, except I'm destined with Serenity.
Duke: Nope, that'd be me.
Tristen: You male slut!
Computer Guy: Not getting into Chaseshipping then...

Something like that, with things like Thiefshipping, Shrimpshipping and other stuff coming in later on.
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Old 03-04-2010
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"Big Five... sporting goods?"

"That fat one in the middle kind of looks like Dick Cheney."
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Old 03-05-2010
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Talking CardGame

How awesome would it be if LK did a parody of LoveGame by Lady Gaga?

I think so, anyway.
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Old 03-09-2010
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Default B)

Polymerization, the nightmare fuel of possibilities (and the at times 'effing hilarious).
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Old 03-09-2010
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I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this, but I think that Crapsule Monsters should have the Pokemon theme song with tweaked lyrics as its opening.

I was emailing my brother back and forth the other day and randomly YGO-ified the chorus, works REALLY well for CM.
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Old 03-15-2010
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Red face A LONG time without Bakura...

So, dawned upon me that he's going to be gone for quite a while, be back for maybe one episode...and then be the Villain-on-a-Bus for the 4th and part of 5th season.


We all know he's in the puzzle...

So, maybe he could somehow make an appearance during Yugi/Atem's soul-room scene. (And I know I'm not the first person to think of that.)

Or it could be like Season 6 of South Park, where Kenny's soul was in Cartman's body. Hey, it was funny in that show. :/
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Old 03-17-2010
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Random thought with crossover of the 'mahogony' statement from DBZ abridged.

Mainly of Yami annoying Yugi all the time by stating 'mahogany' randomly after he watches the episode on tristan's comPUTOR!
especially if Yugi is in class and Yami refuses to sit anywhere but at the teachers desk because it's made of MAHOGONY! and then persisting to ask yugi if he can mind crush the teacher who is sitting at HIS new desk.

ahh random thoughts of the day
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Old 03-19-2010
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When the day comes that LK will have to work on Season 4, is the day I'll be ROFL-ling even more than usual XD My suggestion for it is that Bakura would keep complaining about he's got absolutely NO-SCREEN-TIME what so ever throughout all of it :3
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