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Originally Posted by NikitaDevil View Post
Ooh! Where do you find such great fan fics about Ryou, Yami Bakura, Touzoku-ou Bakura? I've hardly seen any =[ Maybe I'm not searching hard enough.
Yeah, I don't know why they write so many YAOI fanfics about Ryou, Yami B., and Marik it's rediculous! :(

Fortunately for me, I luckily happened on a few good ones that aren't! :D
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Most of the good one's I've found are by Lizeth. I reccomend reading "For the Game" as a sort of prequil to "Is This Normal?" She also has a Harry Potter crossover which I also liked, but it's not specificly a Bakura fanfic (Yugi's still the main character. )
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Lizeth's fansite. Has pics! :D *thumbs up*

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Also not specificly a Bakura fanfic, but his character is written well in it. Also, the story is hilarious! POTC-Yugioh crossover

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This one doesn't start out specificly as a Bakura fanfic, but sort of becomes one. Also hilarious! :p Harry Potter 5/Yugioh crossover

Hope you like them as much as I do! ;)

EDIT: WAAH!!! Now I have to read them all again!!! @_@0

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