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Default Off-Topic Rules

Off-Topic Rules:

1. Follow the general rules for the forum: http://forum.yugiohtheabridgedseries...ead.php?t=5013

Rules in there that apply specifically, but not exclusively, to Random Discussions:

3) Do not argue with forum staff after they have performed an administrative action of some kind. If you feel that an action was or wasn't taken unjustly you may send a respectful PM to an Admin or the appropriate moderator to discuss the issue. Do not create posts or public discussions to criticize Admins or Moderators.

4) Be respectful of other members. Joking and teasing a little towards users now and then is fine, but you cannot take it too far. Outright trolling, inflammatory, or overly offensive content is not not allowed. This would include, but not limited to, making it your personal vendetta to take someone down for their religion, race, sexual orientation, gaming console preference, or like of Inuyasha. Admins and Moderators may have some discretion in determining what is being taken too far and what is permissible on a case-by-case basis.

6) Do not post in unsticked posts that have not been used in over 3 months, unless there is a current, relevant reason to do so.

7) For the moment Youtube videos may be embedded into posts, but it is NOT permitted to set them to autoplay or to embedd excessively.

8) Trolling, Advertising, and Spamming content is not permitted on this site.

9) You may not post illegal content.

10) Threads dedicated to mature images may only be posted in the appropriate mature areas of the site. No images considered 18+ may be posted outside the age restricted 18+ forum

2. The Random Discussions sub-forum tends to contain more ridiculing text than most of the rest of the site. Please be aware of this: if you are easily offended by text, then I would suggest you browse around other parts of the forum instead. :)

3. If you want to post something that is NSFW, either post it in NSFW tags (NOT spoiler tags) or link to it and warn people that it is NSFW. Yes, some of us actually are on the computer while at work, plus there are kids on the site. If you don't want to put it in tags, then take it to the mature section.

4. No fanclubs, please. If you want to make one, you may create or join and already-existing social group.

5. No rickrolling, please. That nonsense is old.

6. If one of the moderators locks a thread, please do not make another one like it. There is a reason that it got locked in the first place so your new thread will be locked/deleted as well.

7. No "Last person to post" or "Most to post wins" threads.

8. No spam threads. The BAR is your place for spam (within reason). Take advantage of it. :D

9. If you would like to report something, please either use the report button or contact one of the assistant moderators of Random Discussions/one of the full moderators or administrators. We will take care of the issue as soon as possible.

10. Have fun! :)


12. Please do not advertise your abridged series on here. Create a new group to discuss/advertise your own abridged series.
(these rules are subject to change without warning)

13. No nudity on the "Post a Picture of yourself thread." Even if it's censored. Please crop the picture, so there is no nudity in it. Thanks!

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