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Originally Posted by HolyShadow View Post
How can cake hold a whip? Furthermore, how can a particularly clumsy cake manage to whip correctly even if it DOES manage to hold it?

Would you like to come and experience it? I promise i'll be gentle with you -licks lips-

Originally Posted by AllisonWalker View Post
Seriously. No one gives two shits about Britain here. It's on no one's radar, because nothing is happening of any importance over there.

Sex isn't just something you should do because you're bored. And for females especially, because of the risk for pregnancy along with a shitload of ugly ass Stds that don't always go away (herpes, Aids, etc), it's better to wait for a relationship than just fucking anyone like mindless rabbits.

Women also don't generally enjoy one night stands like men do. It makes most females feel pretty shitty and depressed, as proven by numerous studies. Most people, generally speaking, enjoy it more anyways when they have a relationship with their partner. It feels better than just random hooking up, and wanting an emotional connection, even for males, isn't something that should be seen as weak or shameful. That's what seperates people from animals.
Some girls need that in their life. This could be caused from either missing a father/mother figure or needing a person with them in their life. There might be other reasons way young teens jump at the chance. Mental issues, not saying all of them are like this, some might just be slutty girls/guys.
I agree with you Allison.
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