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Haha Glee has made a special place in my heart. So much so that at Katsucon, I decide to cosplay as Puck In his lettermen jacket :XD:
I really Like Tina X Artie, But I am not happy with how he reacted to her when she came out about SPOILER Her studder being fake. I mean granted I can understand why he was hurt. But she was opening up to him and was making a decision to stop lieing.
I like Puck but he's the typical High schooler now. And for Quinn, I can understand her Wanting Someone as nice as Finn but she treats him like shit, She get what she deserves at the end of the 1/2 of the session.
Kurt and Kurts dad...First of all, Kurt's so damn Sweet I think the boy gave me Diabetes :-P and Kurt's dad is a good man. thats all I can say.
And for the love of God, His name is Mike Change, not "other Asian"! Just once I want to see him snap and Get pissed at that :XD:
Ok done ranting, So yeah...Big fan. only problem I have is that it comes back mid April, and I go to basic on April the 6th T_T SO...Yeah... But on the bright side once I get out I'll have like 8 eps to watch><
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