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More name dropping:

Ahab- Call of the Wretched Sea
> Nautical doom metal. Got me into doom.

Amesoseurs- s/t
> Black metal/shoegaze. One of my all time favorite albums. Its from the same guys who were in Alcest, Les Discrets, and Peste Noire. (All of these bands are awesome by the way.)

Destiny's End
> Some really good power metal. Even if you don't care for power metal, you should give this a try.

> More power metal. Hellfire Club is my favorite of their albums.

Electric Wizard- Dopethrone
> Stoner metal. Possibly the best of the genre.

> My favorite power metal band. They're Japanese although I couldn't tell my first time because of how goofy power metal vocals usually are. I will say that Reincarnation was garbage and I haven't listened to any album after that.

> Symphonic metal. I'm not much of a fan of symphonic metal, but this band actually pulls it off well.

Septic Flesh- Communion
> Death metal. Shitty name, cool band. The tracks Anubis and Sangreal are the best on the album.

Vektor- Black Future
> Hope for modern thrash metal.
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