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Originally Posted by Fat1Fared View Post
Personally I do not hate 4kids, because one, there are bigger things to hate in this world, and second though I think they are foolish to try and make most Animie's kid-prove, they got me into Animie and it is not all their fault that CP was bort in.
That's true. I don't really hate them since they hardly affect my personal life, but I still wish they were better.

Originally Posted by Fat1Fared View Post
However like Sally said I do dislike when they just stop following storyline altogether, but that is also the fault of the original writers who sell there ideals and stories for nothing more than money they probably don't even need
Sadly, that is also true. However that doesn't mean that it gives 4Kids the right to do it. I do wish that the people in charge of the original version of the show would care more... does no one with lots of money care about quality anymore? :/
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