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I know these were directed to another person, but...
You do not have Linux "installed" on your DS or Wii.
That is sort of true. However, I do have the Wii Linux distro that I am making installed onto an SD card, which is permanently inserted into my Wii, therefore, I have it installed on my Wii. If you had Windows on your PC, someone wouldn't come up to you and say "excuse me, but you don't have Windows installed on your PC, since someone could remove the hard drive at any time and you would no longer have Windows installed". The same sort of thing goes for DS, I used to have a DS that could run homebrew (I don't any more, but meh), and that involves putting it on a CF or SD card.
Linux is for obnoxious bigots who enjoy compiling more than actually using their computer.
When making my distro, I compiled a grand total of 3 apps. One of them was a 20-line .c file. The other two were easy and painless to compile. All of the rest are all precompiled .deb packages.
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