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=well, I was giving you ideas, because simply, sometimes you have no choice but to replace a computer, however I honestly think this is the fan problem and seems person above agrees......however I would urge consideration before going ahead with their idea; that is bit like hitting the computer till it works, I mean it probably would work, but there are lot of peices that can be easily broken on computers and so that would be risky way to do it. I still advise, knowing that you are adapt with computers, that you find someone who is, maybe friend of family or something; this is not difficult task and all they need to do, is pull the vent system out and then with clean cloth/toothbrush, carefully clean off all fluff.

=With updating thing, well slightly different on all models, but basically go into control panel, then look for systems and surcity, then basically, look for something with word update in its title

=Finally, google won't be of much help without knowing the model name
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