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ok, first of all, this is basic advise given from basic overview, unless I can see the computer first hand, I cannot effectively assess it, however you have my complete sympathy for the money front. I had two computers die last summer and was duressed into buying the wonderful thing I am writing to you on now. my first advise would be, if do need a new computer, do not buy anything less than 350, (or whatever equal worth is in other countries) unless have too, because they simply are not worth it; especially if you use it for gaming. I only brought this one, because I am a uni student and cannot live without a laptop, as used for assessments and the like.

=I would say, see if hold out till birthdays and christmas's and if get whole family to rally round for something......depending on your age and hometowns current position, look for part-time job???? Realise may not be possible, but worth looking.

Basic Advise

=These are the things, I would check before doing anything major:-

-First, write into google what your computer model is and ask about common problems on it. If is older model maybe less out there, but trust me, will be something as nerds have being compiling and referencing computer problems since internet began. It is unbelievable how many problems I have discovered exist in my models of computers, just by doing this and then following often very simple advise to fix it. It is your own freehelp line, only ran by people who know what doing.

-Check all drivers (especially any to do with graphic's and sound). Now I honestly do not think this is driver problem, because drivers generally work or don't work, while your problem sounds like it is half working. However drivers are the most common problem on all computers and great thing about them, is that they are easy to fix, lot of them can be downloaded free off internet.

-Next, check your system's updating register. You may find that the computer is trying to update something corrupted and that is causing this to happen.
:-just note, if this is the problem, because see if occurs when update is occurring should be easy to know by referencing when update is registered to happen and if this problem occurs then. However, it will be painful to fix, as normally the computer is updating lots of things at once and you literally have to find the specific update which is causing the problem. To do this, you will need to make it update each one individually which will take time. Though if lucky, will be one of first ones check, if not.....then could go all way to the end, before find right now o0.

My basic review

=this is what could be, like said, I would be miles off. Without being able to see the computer, cannot say with any great certainty.

=Ok, the first thing it could be, is a problem with sound or graphic's card. If you are playing game or too many complex sounds are coming from your computer at once, then this will cause it too crash. Now what you have said, makes me think this is not the problem because the results are different to what normally occurs. However as it seems to happen while playing music.....etc think worth noting.
-Problem is that if this is problem, getting ether of these replaced is completely not worth it on older and cheaper models.

=Finally, this is what I think it is, however maybe wrong, like said, as not see computer. Though if it is this, then you can breathe a sigh of relief, as so easy to fix, if know anyone even half-ok with computers; your only real problem is that this is not software problem. Basically, what I think is happening is that your vent or fan have dirt and fluff in them. This naturally occurs over time in all computers, however if not cleaned it can caused your fan to fail, meaning that your computer will be getting very very hot as you use it, this then means that something in your computer will be overheating and causing whole thing to cut out. My guess is that this will be your motherboard, judging by what keeps happening and how having to fix it.
-My advise, fix this quickly, it is not hard and should not cost too much, however if you don't, then problem will only get worse, till something inside your computer melts and then....basically, bye-bye computer.

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