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Originally Posted by FuzzyG57 View Post
Hurray for Death Note!
It was the first anime I watched where I loved the bad guy more than the good guys, and felt sorry for the bad guy for dying.

I realllllly don't understand the whole "OMG I LOVE MELLO" thing... He kinda scares me, to be honest, and he's not around much in the anime, so with his weird clothes and chocolate fetish his fandom just leaves me thinking "Whaaaat???" Anyone care to explain?
Yes mello isn't much in the anime, Mello and Near only appeared after L's death

Mello and Near are the candidates to be the next L

If you think that Mello is crazy...

THINK ABOUT MATT! The guy who only appears in 1 episode and a few pages in the manga, but he has TONS of fan girls xD

But I'm all for Kira <3 Raiitoo~
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