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First, I have already rebutted all this and it would have saved you a lot of time to have just read that, rather rehashing the same tired and ill-thoughtout defences of what really is a massive problem for the US, which it really needs to sort out.

Originally Posted by MrsSallyBakura View Post
It is of my opinion that liberals in the United States are interested in changing laws asap because they see a problem, and the easiest way to fix the problem is to pass a law that involves more regulation the the government.

I will give a local example. Much to Europeans' surprise, there are cities that have liberal culture. I live near a few of those cities. One of them is the kind of liberal that has a bunch of white people who proclaim diversity, have artistic and scientific elitists, the university students are your typical "I am enlightened and that makes my opinion worth something" types, they think that all conservatives are gun-loving gay bashing idiots, and, well, you get the picture.
While I love your stereotyping of 'liberals', you do realise that is not even the right stereotype. <facepalm> It would help you if you studied what liberalism is before talking about it.

PS You will find that most Americans actually come under the banding of pure liberals or classic liberals and despite your remarks about 'Europeans' beliefs, that is how they are mostly seen. It is just most Europeans think classic liberalism belongs in the past.

Anyways. Last year or so, they decided to pass a law that required cars to stop at all crosswalks (that are not connected to regular traffic lights) if there was at least one person who needed to cross. When the law was first established, there were no crosswalk signs or lights or anything. So naturally, police gave tickets to a crap load of people for not remembering their stupid and impractical law.

Granted, now for the most part they have the proper lights and signals to indicate crosswalks and when people will be crossing. But they passed the law before they had the proper equipment to make the law practical.

So why did they pass it in such a rush?

Well, because in the progressive mindset, if you see a problem, a law needs to be passed about it right away, even if it doesn't make sense to pass it. They saw that people couldn't cross crosswalks in a reasonable amount of time, so instead of taking the time to build traffic lights at those crosswalks, they decided to blame the big mean cars and punish them for being big mean cars.

For liberals, passing a law like that is "fixing the problem," except all that it is doing is putting a bandaid on the problem, which doesn't do a whole lot of good for anyone. At least since it was a local law, it was easier to actually perform the surgery needed after a while, but I think that if people didn't complain about it, the city would have just kept the bandaid.
This has been a Law in the UK for decades and we have never had any problems; it would be my guess that despite your wonderful theory being based on...errr....well nothing but your own presumptions, you are actually wrong and when this law was passed the only mistake the legislators made was thinking that the average driver would have the brains and initiative to stop their cars without needing a giant sign to tell them to do so. They only put up signs later because they realised that thinking normal people had even the smallest amount of intelligence was clearly very stupid.

PS Again, please for your own sake, look up Liberalism, you are only making yourself look foolish when you talk about Liberalism without even the smallest amount of appreciation for what it is.

So in regards to this topic, regulating gun control even more in a society that has several other problems, such as:
Lack of awareness of mental health treatment
The expense of treating mental health issues
The lack of a significant father figure in the CT shooter's life
Broken families and divorce rates
Violent movies and video games (now before you yell at me, I think that banning these things is stupid. However, moms need to stop buying their angelic sons Call of Duty when they are only 10).
The media's reaction to shooters - the way that they become famous after committing such a horrible crime

Perhaps there are more factors that I am not taking into consideration.
Ok, luckily I counted to 10 before posting, but again please, really please, sally stop posting about things you do not understand, and it is really very very very very very clear you have no understanding what so ever about mental health problems and your comments are really really really insulting.You do realise you have just basically lumped all of the USA's gun problems on those with mental illness despite the fact that most shootings are gang related and the fact that mental illness is a massive issue which really should not just be just lumped around as a way to defend gun owners. Oh and if mental illness is to blame, then the fact that over 45% of people in the US will suffer from mental illness at some point in their life means we really do not want guns being given out like candy. (Note I am being facetious with the last point in order to highlight that just saying, oh well gun problems are just caused by mental health issues is clearly far too simplistic an answer and dodges all the other real issues by making a straw man out what can be an already vulnerable and often misunderstood problem.

Also, requiring that guns be locked up would not be a bad idea. Not sure how many people are going to obey that law and how they are going to regulate it, but at least encouraging people to do that might make a difference.
You would be amazed how many would follow it, but that aside, again, read my comments, this is addressed.

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