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I know this is very old and unlikely, but does anyone know the full dialogue that was spoken as YouTube spam by Marik's Evil Council Of Doom? If you have a screenshot or just all the dialogue in text, can you post it?

What I need is the YouTube spam of Marik-to-Yugi,

I have the second part of YouTube spam from Dartz-to-Marik, and it's right here below:

"DartzBored: Listen up, Marik! Prepare to be defeated by my evil motorcycle riding henchmen!
AlisterHenchman: You tell em, boss!
CrikeyValon: Wotcha!
RaphaelZugZug: Zug zug.
FearMyRod: Hey! This was OUR idea first, you bunch of copycats!
DartzBored: But we spent ages coming up with this plan! Were evil and stuff!
FearMyRod: Youre dorks. Go play some D&D, you dorks.
DartzBored: We dont play that game!
AlisterHenchman: Can I be the Dungeon Master this time, boss?
DartzBored: No! Im the Dungeon Master! I mean, shut up Alister!"

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