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To a point, it was mentioned that said pistol was indeed loaded and live. That, and many of us familiar with the term Barrister could probably guess easily enough the purpose (at least in theory) and rank of the title Queen's Counsel, as implied by the name. Rather interesting job description, that.

Though one thing does bring up further interesting speculation: is there any proof that the person in the video studied law other than, as our friend confirmed to study law as put it, the names of "any case he could find on google which vaguely linked to his point"? Without further information presented voluntarily by this man, I do believe the assumption that this person is a law student doesn't quite take hold as it is quite possible that this is just a regular douchebag with access to google and mislabeled as a law student by whoever posted the video. Though given their displayed paranoia and insistence on keeping themselves off the record, I rather doubt that they would be willing to provide more information (though should our speculation about the man be just that, I still rather doubt that he would give the necessary information on principle, should he be anywhere near as intelligent as the video implies).

But as Fared said, all of that apart from the pistol being loaded and live is merely hearsay. I honestly didn't expect anyone to pick that up and run with it.

And as a final note for this post, I do indeed object to this person out of morality, but also as a representative of the demographic that this person is supposedly making an asshole out of himself for.

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