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(Comments appreciated fully - also on YouTube so the other actors can see)

What would happen if there was a superhero team as into superheroes, technology, and old sci-fi television as you? Yes, introducing the Geek Patrol, five low-profile superhumans dedicated to saving L.A. from disaster- as well as picking up the latest Superman and debating transporter physics online. When their leader, Epic, supposedly dies at the hands of The GM, leader of the nefarious Nerd Battalion- consisting of Cosplay, MMORPG, and others- five years after the teams break-up, our heroes must return home to a reunion, with a documentary film crew along for the ride, hoping to find out what really lies beyond the mask. The team- Yorick, Dustin Starcore, Captain All-Star, Foureyes, and The Trekkie- must learn to reconcile their differences if they are to truly bury their leader, their past.... and a new emerging threat.

Coming soon. Actually, sooner than you think. Kroze and I have been working on STD for over a year, shooting for a month, and then taking a break of three months. Well, one month that turned into three. We have five scenes left to do. We're thinking of doing a release over the net, although we also want to produce a DVD and submit to festivals. Check back next year for a DVD. They take time. Although, what the hell would we put on it besides an audio commentary and outtakes?

Featuring artwork by Scott Wegener (Atomic Robo), and colored by Lawrence Basso:

For more information, go to Lefty Films' webpage.
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