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Dear Ocean Claus,

This year I feel like I've grown as a person. At work I've been doing everything on my hands to help the new people working closely with them in order to elevate them to the best themselves that they can be. I have participated in charity helping Hentai manga characters pay for their psychiatrist fees. And something about a "Red Cross", I dunno, I figured it had to be a Crossdresser fundraiser.

This year I have made sacrificies to not only improve myself, but improve the people around me. Most importantly, I have worn my Cabana boy costumes and uniforms flawlessly.

I say this because I'm sure Santa would like to pay attention to Cabana boys with no gag reflexes, wearing skin tight outfits. And as the masterpiece Showgirls has shown us, The best way to improve yourself in life and in your career is to make Kyle MacLachlan cum in his pants. And I've done some very similar things at the Cabana this year.

As such I am waiting for the blessings of Ocean Claus, and I will make sure to leave plenty of snacks for her, such as a Mimosa and-Ah f*** it! I'll just leave all the cocktails there. I'm sure Ocean Claus will appreciate it.

I just hope I was enough of a good boy, and frankly if anyone was naughty it was the people at the pool, seriously you have no idea what I've had to clean off from there.

Well, I hope this letter reaches you well, Ocean Claus. and No, I have no idea what 'Conflict of Interest' means,


Your favorite Cabana Boy

Here's my doodle:

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