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Originally Posted by AmbrMerlinus View Post
Also, what's up with Sokka and Katara being the only white kids in their tribe?
They were probably adopted. xD

The casting was a bit off. I wish they chose actors that looked more like the original character design. It's probably hard to find Inuit or Eskimo actors, but they could've at least tried. And Zuko's scar wasn't done right either. From what I saw in the pictures, it's a wimpy little thing, not a badass scar covering the whole half of his face.
Originally Posted by ClumsyCake View Post
I am scared it will be like the Dragon Ball Evolution movie. I'll wait it out and see how people rate it.
That was my first thought as well. Hopefully it won't be as bad as DBE, but we'll see. I want to see it in theaters, but if the reviews are bad, I'll just wait until it shows up on TV for free. =P
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