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Default ANIME EXPO 2011 with Friends...

Ello peoples! That's the hip way to introduce yourself right... ello... right?

Next weekend (well starting on a Friday.. close enough) Yugioh Abridged will have a booth at:

Anime Expo 2011! July 1-4th in the LA Convention Center!

However, unlike last year, Littlekuriboh will NOT be attending and will not be at the booth with me. All the same, there still will be a yugioh abridged booth, which includes a BRAND NEW shirt design never before seen or sold to the public!

But just having shirts and helixD would be a stupid lame booth for the biggest anime convention in the country. So I'm bringing a few friends...

From Team Four Star, Takahata101 will be alongside me manning the booth and selling Team Four Star t-shirts!

Not only am I bringing Taka, I will also be alongside famous flash animator Egoraptor, creator of the Awesome Series, Girlchan in Paradise, and more!

Not only will he be attending, he'll also have his new Egoraptor T-shirts for sale, including a poster and shirt design not up on the sharkrobot store yet!

So although Littlekuriboh couldn't make it this year, we are sure to have plenty of fun anyway at Anime Expo. See you guys next week!
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