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Default Oh how I Wonder Wonder Wondercon....

Yeah, don't ask about the name of the news post... lack of sleep does this to me.

Now all of you thought you were safe from Kroze Rambling (TM) once LK said he was gonna be posting news more BUT THINK AGAIN!
I have returned from the deep dark depths of the interwebs to make a spectacular and stunning comeback to newsposting the likes of which the multiverse has never before seen!

My first order of business is to demand Slurpees from all of you!

My second order of business today is to inform you of the several conventions happening this weekend all around the US that, if you are attending you may get the chance to see totally awesome people at them (Or just people who will never link to this site because they are Canadian and love not to update.).

In San Francisco this weekend from the 2nd to the 4th is the always excellent Wondercon which I, your glorious and shiny site king god ruler of all that exists abuse monkey will be attending along with a buttload of YGO:TAS shirts at Booth #1308!
There may be a couple of surprises in store for all who stop by so please come check us out!

Also this weekend on the OTHER side of land in wonderful ol' Boston (Where possibly one of the greatest bands EVER originate from) is Anime Boston at which our good friend Dave Stanworth of Snafu Comics will also be running a booth that may have some YGO:TAS shirts at! Keep an eye out for him in the dealers hall!

Then finally in convention news, out in the girugamesh land of cold and bitter Seattle, Washington this weekend, our good friend Shawn Handyside of Halolz is a guest at Sakuracon (Which I hear a wild shiny Takahata101 may also be out hiding in the wilderness too!). If you are in the area you should take some time out of your busy and possibly meaningless little lives to go say hi to him and mention how you would love to buy a Nerf Axe from him! (Trust me, it will be funny.)

And now that has been taken care of, it is time to discuss my third and final order of business with you all here today... POKEMANZ!
Is it just me or is Youngster Joey the most useless character in all of Pokemon (Outside of Khoury of course from the anime... <3)? I mean all he does is sit there all day in one spot and call you OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. He keeps going on about how he "almost" catches Pokemon and then fails at it... and we are not talking about hard to catch Pokemon like Abras (They make me rage so hard with their stupid smug looks and their teleporting away right when you are about to Pokeball their asses) or Raikou. No.
Youngster Joey is so incompetent that he misses catching FREAKIN PIDGEYS! I mean come on... does he like throw the Pokeball in the completely opposite direction or something? To catch a Pidgey, you don't even need to weaken it! You just throw a normal Pokeball at it and its done! Right after that he goes on to tell you how he must not be good at this whole catching Pokemon thing. WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK!
Normally I like to tell people who suck at doing things to keep on trying and even though they may never be as sexy while doing those things as me, one day they will at least be decent enough at it to get by but in Youngster Joey's case its pointless. He should just quit now and go die in a fire.
The worst part about it all is he calls you every like 5 minutes and unlike the original Gold/Silver versions for GBC, in Heart Gold/Soul Silver there is NO WAY TO DELETE HIS NUMBER ONCE YOU HAVE IT AS FAR AS I CAN TELL! There is no escape from Youngster Joey's wrath!
Do not make the same mistake I have done loyal YGO:TAS fans... just say NO to Youngster Joeys!

The moral of this story is, if you have a Pokewalker and are coming out to Wondercon this weekend, bring it along and stop by the YGO:TAS/Snafu Comics booth so we can totally connect Pokewalkers!

The End.

P.S. I hate, hate, HATE that stupid Whitney and her stupid Miltank of stupid stupidity! It makes me cry myself to sleep.