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Default Let's Get Cracking

For those of you who haven't seen the video announcing it, Card Games For Charity #2 is already well under way. With only two days to go, we're selling four super awesome trading cards each from a limited edition tenth anniversary pack with Kazuki Takahashi's signature printed on them. You'll also get my signature, so it'll be kinda like having the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh and the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged's signature on your very own card!

The auctions are as follows:

Card Games For Charity - Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Card Games For Charity - Gyakutenno Megami

Card Games For Charity - Celtic Guardian

Card Games For Charity - Jinzo

All the money goes toward Oxfam America to help in cleaning up the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Also, the infamous and much anticipated Leather Pants by myself and Kirbopher has finally premiered and it's a doozy. Five months of work to create something as catchy as it is disturbing. You'll never look at another leather item of clothing the same way again.
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