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Italy because he's so cute, funny, goofy, and adorable, I just wanna hug him! Russia is so psycotic, so he always makes me laugh. America is funny because he's a lovable idiot, and he also likes burgers like I do (and Yugi for that matter LOL), and not to mention that cute (although potty mouthed) alien friend with him. And I like how England and France always spar off. I love this show so much. Hey remember that con I mentioned I went to a couple weeks ago? Well there was this funny panal there put together by Hetalia cosplayers. It was called Hetalia Game Show Extravaganza! It was so funny! Me and Sis loved it. But we had to leave about in the middle of the Jeopardy game, so we didn't get to see it all in person, but we loved it!
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