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You're missing two Gurren Lagann references. There are three of them. The first is in the meeting room, when Naruto is pounding his fist on the table and shouting "Row! Row! Fight the power!" Then there's the scene where he's thinking back to Iruka, except Iruka is Kamina saying "Don't believe in yourself, believe in me who believes in you who believes in me who believes in the One Piece!". And then in the final fight scene, the song playing is "Libera Me from Hell", which was also the final fight song from episodes 26 and 27 of Gurren Lagann.

So yeah, is it too much to say that LittleKuriboh has been watching a lot of Gurren Lagann lately? I mean, even for LK, 3 references to a series in a single abridged episode, even if it is an abridged movie, is a bit much. Although he did the same thing in YGOTAS episode 10 with Evangelion, and Gurren Lagann is the REAL Evangelion 2.0, so it's acceptable.

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