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Default The Abridged References: Naruto Spoof Edition

Same as the "abridged references" thread in the YGOTAS discussion forum. List/explain the pop culture joke/references made in Naruto Spoof. Be sure to point out any mistakes made and help fill in anything left out.

This whole series is basically Littlekuriboh/Ninjabridge/CardGamesFTW making fun of his friends' Naruto: The Abridged Series which was in turn, made to make fun of the series Naruto. Since they all know each other, there's very little chance of this having any purpose other than to be hilarious.
Episode 1:

Pilot definition here.

"No Jutsu" roughly translates to "technique" and is what any character says after using their ninja abilities. If the word applies to it. In this parody, it's mostly just used for laughs, by sticking it at the end of any action thereby making it a ninja technique even when it's not! :P

0:00 - 0:13: Parody of dialogue from the first episode of Yugioh and YGOTAS

0:13 - 0:37: Referring to the overplayed dislike of Sakura within MasakoX and Vegeta3986's Naruto: The Abridged Series which in itself was most likely started by overactive hatred of the character from viewers of the original series.

0:37 - 0:57: Master Ninja Theme Song, originally sung by members of the movie riffing team MST3K.

1:00 - 1:01 & 4:46 - 4:47 : The line "ain't I a stinker?" is a phrase commonly used by famous cartoon rabbit Bugs Bunny of the Looney Tunes series.

1:16 - 1:27: (Well, since they mentioned it...) The running gag with Naruto's raspy voice and cigarette addiction stems from his voice actor in the English dub, or voice recording of the TV show, Maile Flanagan voicing him in a matter that could lead one to think that he (or Maile) smokes and now has throat irritation due to it.

1:34 - 1:37: Bruce Lee

2:02 - 2:05: In chapter 437 of the manga/comic of the series, Hinata seemed to had been killed off. I'd cut LK some slack since he doesn't really follow the series and her "death" was pretty convincing....except I think by the time the vid was released, it had already been revealed that she survived.... Curse you, editing times? :P

2:14 - 2:30 & 5:07 - 5:13: Some of the episodes of Naruto The Abridged Series have black bars at the top and bottom of the screen mimicking the wide-screen TV screen ratio making it seem cooler (?) when it was really to hide the fact that the footage was from a fansub and to keep the captions from appearing on screen.

3:17 - 3:32: In Naruto Abridged, there's a joke where the episode's villain mentions selling the stolen scroll on the auctioning website eBay to buy merchandise from the pirate anime called One Piece. In this series, the apparent love of One Piece now belongs to Iruka and becomes a running gag.

3:33 - 3:38: Famous Dialogue from Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back, in which the main antagonist, Darth Vader, reveals himself to be the father of the protagonist, Luke Skywalker.

3:41 - 3:51 (Not a ref, but worth a mention) It isn't officially revealed that the Hokage, the leader of the village who stopped the Nine Tailed Fox is Naruto's father until chapter 438 or 439 of the manga (and this is CHAPTER ONE. However, if you were to do a web search for images or info on the "Fourth Hokage", you could probably figure this out for yourself, since the similar hair kinda gives it away.

3:59: The weapon that he used looks similar to a Staryu of the Pokemon game series, so the weapon has been edited to look as such.

4:20: A reference to LittleKuriboh's main card game- related anime abridged series, Yugioh Abridged's 1st episode, where the main antagonist- actually, you should know this one by now, but here's a link to the episode anyway..

4:47 - 4:50: A cameo from the main character of Yugioh and Yugioh Abridged, Yami, in which he apparently parodies a line from the movie "Kung Fu Hustle".

4:50 - 4:59 : Song used is "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas.

4:59 - 5:07 : Movie "Kung Pow: Enter The Fist" dialogue dubbed over clips of the Naruto anime.

Episode 2

0:14 - 0:45 : "Skipping" here and in the title are meant to be taken in the normal sense, but it also refers to the fact that in Naruto Abridged Episode 2, Konohamaru's episode was chronologically supposed to be the next one to be fully parodied, but instead it was only glanced at, then skipped over in favor of the next story.

1:37 - 4:44 : Konohamaru's characterization is based of off Ralph Wiggum of The Simpsons. Lines such as "My cat's breath smells like cat food." and "It tastes like burning!" are memorable quotes Ralph Wiggum has had.

2:15 - 2:22 : "Believe It!" is sort of Naruto's catchphrase in the English dub of the anime, used as a substitute for his catchphrase in the Japanese version, "Dattebayo", which he sometimes adds to the end of his sentences.

3:38 - 3:51 : 300 and the terrible parody Meet The Spartans .

4:46 - 4:56 Song played is the Sparta Remix.

4:56 - 4:59 : Audio of South Park character Cartman's famous line played over footage of Naruto series character Chouji, who also happens to be a bit overweight like Cartman.

Episode 3

0:13 - 0:24 : Song is Jika Net Tanaka from Persona 3

0:48 - 1:08 : He's singing the One Piece Rap, the opening theme song to 4Kids' English dub of the One Piece anime.

1:13 - 1:23 : Christina Ritchie and Renee Zellweger are actors...who've been in quite a few sub-par movies as late, apparently.

1:23 - 1:43 : Song unknown

1:44 - ??? : I suppose this running gag is referring to that Naruto's focus on Sasuke throughout the series could lead one to believe he has romantic feelings toward him.

1:55 - 2:04, 3:36 - 4:00, 5:28 - 5:38 : Song is I Don't Wanna Wait by Paula Cole

2:07 - 2:09 : TiVo

2:09 - 2:17 : Song unknown

2:11 - 2:13 : Headcrab Zombie, which is an enemy in the game series Half-Life.

2:18 - 2:34 : Life on Mars, by David Bowie

2:18 - ? : Kakashi's characterization is based on singer David Bowie, and possibly his character portrayal in the movie Labyrinth.

3:00 - 3:02, 5:08 - 5:12: A reference to NTAS creator Vegeta3986's video regarding abridging the 1st Naruto movie, "Clash in the Land of Snow" in which he pretends to be surprised by a drum roll sound effect that was edited into the video (likely by himself).

3:19 - 3:23 : This could be referring to a voicing error in NTAS that was left in the final cut, but I'm not sure which episode it is from.

4:22 - 4:27 : Song is Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye

4:40 - 4:46 : Another cameo of Yami from Yugioh Abridged

4:59 - 5:21 : Lines in near-verbatim from the same scene in Naruto Abridged

5:38 - 5:44 : Audio of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

5:55 - 6:33 : Song parioded / music playing is Starman by David Bowie


0:00 - 0:38 : As the World Falls Down by David Bowie
0:52 - 0:54, 2:38 - 2:40 : An article explaining David's rumored "involvement" with fellow singer Mick Jagger here.
1:00 - 1:13 : Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven
1:24 - 1:29 : Referring to the (excessive?) use of honorifics (presumably by fans of anime/manga), which are what Japanese speakers use in place of titles such as Mr./Ms., except they're added to the end of one's name. Most common translations are:

San - Mr./Ms./Mrs.
Sama - San, but when you want to refer to someone in a more respecting manner (such as an out-ranking official, customer, or admirer)
Senpai - Senior/Junior (as in school) / Mentor
Kun - Used to refer to a male you're familiar with
Chan - Female version of Kun

1:59 - 2:16 : Song is Come What May from the movie Moulin Rouge
2:06 - 2:15 : The Name Game
2:22 - 2:24 : Delinquent child character Dennis the Menace from the famous comic of the same name.
2:58 - 3:21 : Song's Adagio for Strings, by Samuel Barber
3:06 - 3:07 : Possibly referring to how it took several story arcs for the name of Sasuke's brother (Itachi Uchiha) to be revealed, as well as what he actually did (killed the entire Uchiha family/clan). This scene being parodied didn't even occur in the series until 4-5 story arcs later and it wasn't revealed it was Itachi who Sasuke wanted revenge on until near the end of this current arc.
3:28 - 4:04 : Elephant Love Medley from the movie Moulin Rouge
2:03 - 2:04, 3:39 - 3:40 : Ewan Mcgregor
4:14 - 5:25, 5:42 - 8:12 : Under Pressure by Queen
5:27 - 5:29 : Vanilla Ice
8:26 - 8:38 : Let's Dance (or Bowie?), from the show Flight Of The Conchords
8:31- 8:38 : Ziggy Stardust- David Bowie persona
8:58 - 9:15 : Fellow Shonen Jump published soul-slaying series (same as Naruto and One Piece, making up the 3rd of their so called "Big 3" series) BLEACH.


Title, 6:58 - 7:07 : Song parodied/referenced is Milkshake by Kelis
0:18 - 0:46 : Theme song to cartoon Heathcliff
0:46 - 0:48 : Pet Semetary
1:16 - 1:25 : Background music from Naruto (titled Afternoon of Konoha)
1:46 - 1:48 : Critically acclaimed movie drama "The Godfather"
1:48 - 1:50 : Not quite as acclaimed though well-known movie comedy "Elf" (starring Will Ferrel, obviously)
2:03 - 2:06 : Unknown (but possibly involves this false article)
2:59 - 3:02 : Yugioh Abridged reference, referring to how season 2/ Battle City arc main villian Marik Ishtar, who only has (and takes control of and uses as) henchman who are named Steve because those are the only beings his mind controlling device (the Millenium Rod) can control.
3:09 - 3:13 : Referring to the Naruto Abridged episode that covered these events, which made a similar joke regarding fandubs (unofficial vocal translations of media commonly made by fans of said media) of the anime Mermaid Melody. Apparently they're not very good and popular at the time. Like Sasuke, I still don't get it after all these years.
3:15 - 3:50 : Theme of characters Scratch and Grounder from cartoon "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog", who these two ninjas are being similarly voiced as.
3:50 - 4:00 : Song parodied is GO by Flow, the 4th Opening theme to Naruto
3:50 - 4:09, 4:28 - 4:43 : Song is Fly from the game Yakuza 3
4:09 - 4:28, 4:43 - 5:01 : Apparently a song from Samurai Jack Ep 25. Either the episode or music itself is titled as "Jack and the Spartans".
4:28 - 4:29 : "It's Hero Time!" is the catchphrase of Ben Tennyson from the cartoon series "Ben 10. This is also a joke on how the english voice actor for Sasuke, Yuri Lowenthal has been the voice actor for Ben since the 2nd series Ben 10: Alien Force.
4:41 - 4:43 : Reference to the meme "Boot to the Head"
5:05 - 5:07 : Adv. of Sonic/ PINGAS meme reference
5:21 - 5:23 : Song ref. is Velvet Underground get one guess...[ David Bowie ]
5:28 - 5:31 : Bill from Accounting is a reference to how in media a throwaway character (commonly someone who is only mentioned in name, never seen, and pretty much irrelevant to the story other than a one time joke) usually happens to be from the accounting department of a company. It's also a joke previously used in a Naruto Abridged video regarding auditioning lines for the princess in the planned abridging of the first Naruto movie. It's actually supposed to be Chad from Accounting ala Yugioh Abridged, but apparently they decided to mix it up.
5:35 - 5:51 : Ethan Mars' theme in the game Heavy Rain, whose decision-making gameplay mechanic is being referenced here as well.
5:46 - 5:51 : In reference to the "Press X to Jason" meme from Heavy Rain in which you'd press a button during a quick time event just to call someone's name.
7:10 - 7:13 : Audio from the character "Inappropriate Comedy Tree" in the television series Perfect Hair Forever.
7:14 - 8:25 : Wordplay on how the village Naruto's team is bringing the bridge builder to is trying to build a bridge and the act of abridg(e)ing a series as well as Littlekuriboh's thoughts on the whole abridging phenomenon. The first guy is LK himself with Yugioh Abridged, the 2 guys are presumably Masako and Vegeta's Naruto Abridged, and the 3 guys may be those 2 as well as Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged creator Lanipator, all members of TeamFourStar, who created Dragon Ball Z abridged.


Title, 8:05 - 8:21: It's...kind of a derogatory word towards fans of anime/manga and/or Japanese culture, but there's not really a clear cut definition. One aspect seems to be saying Japanese terms incessantly.
0:27 - 0:51 : Song is Jungle Boy by Baltimora
0:53 - 1:23 : Referring to the Rower's overplayed false popularity/importance in Naruto Abridged
1:25 - 1:40 : Song You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates
2:00 - 2:10, 2:19 - 2:23 : Some anime start with expository narration. One notable anime is Pokemon, which the background music playing during this is from.
2:29 - 2:34 : Song lyrics to Magic Dance by David Bowie
2:36 - 2:37 : Movie Labyrinth, starring, (who else but) David Bowie
4:05 - 4:53 : Background music unknown
4:31 - 4:33 : Once again, Dattebayo is sort of Naruto's catchphrase in the original Japanese version of the anime.
5:37 - 6:07 : Song parodied is Magic Dance once again.
6:27 - 6:40 : Background music from Naruto
6:42 - 6:52 : Song lyrics from Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot
6:58 - 7:05 : Background music is once again Starman by David Bowie
6:58 - 7:05 : Parody of commercials commonly having products bought by credit card and over the phone priced " _ easy payments of $ _.95", most commonly song collection CDs which almost always list the available songs in the format shown. Eye Jutsu (or more likely iJutsu) is also a reference to the music downloading/ listening device the iPod.
7:08 - 7:10 : Another Magic Dance reference
7:12 - 7:14 : Reference to the song My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, most commonly known from the movie Titanic about the titular boat cruise sinking. People got stuck onboard and drowned, and Naruto's possibly drowning here get the idea.
7:35 - 7:56 : Theme tune to "Police Squad!" and later used again as the theme for "Naked Gun".
(There is also a reference here to some of those cheesy tv shows where they would use an awful pun right before the credits roll.)
8:00 - 8:26 : Background music unknown
8:40 - 8:43 : Mr.Resetti of the game series Animal Crossing, who pops up to talk you to death when you reset your game in accusation of exploiting the lack of an autosave feature.
8:43 - 8:54 : Song's Hare Hare Yukai as sung by Animal Crossing character KK Slider


0:00 - 1:51 : Another NTAS reference, this time about how it's taken so long for their abridging of the 1st Naruto movie to be released. Footage from the "trailer" is footage from a vid from Vegeta3986 which first announced the movie being in production.
3:11 - 3:17 : Song unknown
3:43 - ??? : George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars movie series and apparently ruined said series with three terrible prequels among other things.
4:29 - ??? : Micheal Bay, director of action movies such as Armageddon and the Transformers live action movie series where there are LOTS of explosions and shaky camera shots.
5:05 : A MacGuffin is an item within a story that is pretty much there to keep the plot moving by having the main characters need to get it, but it has no specific use required (and/or nor will it be used) during a story point and could be swapped out for any other desired item and the story wouldn't be changed at all.
5:44 - 5:46 : Probably unneeded for this thread, but this may be referring to the band that did one of the ending theme songs for Bleach (ending theme 26, "Song For..." by Rookiez is Punk'd) falsely stated that one of the recent arcs adapted from the manga was going to cap off the anime, or that the creator of Bleach, Tite Kubo, recently announced that the manga would go on for ten more years.
5:50 - 6:00 : Song unknown
6:04 - 6:08 Direct quote from Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.
7:00 - 7:03 : Reference to the movie Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children. Never watched it, so I can't say anything about the villians.
7:08 - 7:10 : In the game Sonic the Hedgehog 3, there's a cold weather based level called Ice Cap Zone where the player's character uses a snowboard.
7:10 - 7:16 : An Elephant Cloak seems to be defensive item from a fantasy based game purchased from a store by elves. Not sure what game though (may not even be directly referencing anything).
7:28 - 7:29 : "Get Over Here!" is what the character Scorpion from the game series Mortal Kombat says when he uses his special move (fighting technique specific to that character) , Spear (if it connects with his opponent and as he pulls them towards him)
7:32 - 7:34 : Yoga Flame is a special move of the character Dhalsim of the Street Fighter game series.
7:56 - 8:07 : Song is "Narwhals" from this vid.


0:00 - 0:09 : "Row Row Fight the Power" is one of the insert songs from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann which Naruto is changing up the lyrics to here.
0:12 - 0:40, 3:29 - 3:52, and more : Song unknown
0:44 - 1:04 : M. Night Shyamalan (they never pronounce it correctly in this vid by the way, it's "Sha-ma-lawn") is another director with varying qualities of feedback, this time being known for having sub-par movies with a surprise element within his stories and more recently, for making a terrible live-action adaption of the popular series "Avatar: The Last Airbender" (one reason which is mentioned later in the vid being that most of the characters were miscast).
1:05 - 1:22 : Song is "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)" by John Parr
1:28 - 1:32 : Cameo by Yugi and Tristan as portrayed in Yugioh Abridged
1:38 - 1:40 : Polar Express is the name of the train from the movie of the same name.
1:47 - 1:49 : There's a scene in the movie "Stand By Me" in which two characters have to outrun a train and dodge it by jumping off the tracks at the last second like Naruto just did.
1:54 - ??? : The main villian is being portrayed similar to the character Evil Betty from Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.
2:10 - 2:17 : Reference to a joke from NTAS 28 and LK's vid "Special Ninjabridge Announcement!"
2:37 - 3:03 : Song played and parodied is Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne
3:10 - 3:23 : Song unknown
3:24 - 3:29, 7:20 - 7:31 : Song unknown
3:57 - 4:10 : Clucky the Chicken is a running gag from NTAS where....well, pretty much the fact that there's a chicken at all is the joke. Same with The Log. It's funnier you've watched it.
4:12 - 4:14 : There's a movie about a prison called Shutter Island. That's all you really need to know.
4:34 - 4:37 : The hilariously annoying character Fred Fredburger from the cartoon "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy". Why is here? ....Because it's funny?
4:38 - 5:12 : Reference to this vid.

Out of space so the rest of Part 2 is listed below.

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