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I'm not sure if anyone noticed (or cares) my recent lack of activity over the past 2 months, but I can actually explain myself now.

Summary of above link:
I have 6 months to do whatever I can to bring this game to a more complete state before it's released. So, I'll be very very busy doing that.

I've really felt bad about not doing a lot of things I should have been doing (Posting, moderating) without a good explanation. But now I can offer one, and I want you all to know exactly what's been happening. I've been doing development of this game for the past 2 months, and knew the urgency of the timeframe.

I'm not leaving, I'm not retiring. Everything else I've been doing in my spare time is now taking a back-seat so that I can do what work needs to be done on this, and I just wanted everyone here to know why I've not been around a lot.

...Also, Godzilla is charcoal gray.
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