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At this time I'm reading to update my list from before:

Naruto-My favourite long-running series though it's coming to an end.
Bleach-My former favourite that I'm reading to complete as it nears the end too.
UQ Holder-My favourite new series as I'm a huge Mahou Sensei Negima fan and this was the perfect follow up.
Onepunch Man-Easily fun to get into for fighting series.
Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals-A nice silly series when Naruto gets intense.
Toriko-Started on the anime, now am onto the manga once the anime ended abruptly as it's a great shonen series; just make sure you've eaten first or it will make you hungry!
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi-Still a decent fighting series.
Soul Eater Not!-Again read the main series so this prequel is ok.
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