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Originally Posted by KawaiKitty View Post
you might be a narutard if you only ship sasu/naru pairings. or worse. itachi/sasu. -shudders- incest...
Actually, if you obsessively ship period, there is a very good chance that you are a narutard.

If you practice summoning frogs all of which you name bunta, you are probably a narutard (however if you name a small furry mammal boota and train it to seek out cleavage, you are to be commended and a parade will be thrown in your honor).

If you think wearing a wooden mask and a hooded cloak makes you hard to identify... You're probably right, but you still might be a narutard.

If you look at a big f'ing sword and think "Yeah, this is what every ninja needs", you are absolutely a narutard.

If you draw seals to help you fight your enemies, you are a narutard who's about to get his ass kicked. Please send me a video.

If you think that eating fatty foods fuels your ninjutsu, you are a fatty fatty pig faced ugly as hell narutard. Don't like it? Come catch me. I'll give you a 5 second head start before I start running.

If you are double jointed and hot, please call (555)-555-5555. If also try to pull out your own bones to use as swords, don't bother because you are a narutard.

If you try to walk on water by focusing all of your energy in your feet, you are a drowning narutard. If you try to run up a tree in a similar manner, you are a narutard with a concussion. In either case, send me a video.

If you are the same from earlier narutard and you had a heart attack while trying to catch me, you are a the narutard who inspires everyone's fat jokes.

If you see a giant shuriken and think "This is awesome!!!" then you are a stupid narutard indeed. If you think "Dammit, I'm going to have to buy this, aren't I..." then you are married to your stupid narutard and I feel very sorry for you.

If you are an assassin in an MMORPG and you make your clothes orange, you might be a narutard. If also you call out all of your attacks in the game, this is probably just a mechanic of the game and nothing to be alarmed about. If you do it in reality while you play the game, then you are a narutard and must never go out in public.

If you are constantly spewing stuff about Naruto, Naruto the abridged series, or Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show, then you are a dangerous narutard who must be shot on sight. Good bye.
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