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Actually the closest thing I got to that was spending 2 hours a day for like a week watching all of the extended editions back to back. One day when I get the constitution for it I wanna try sitting through the entire epic. Anyways though, onto my review of Superman: Doomsday.

Before I continue, beware that there are spoilers to the movie in this review. Sure you saw the main spoiler I use for this review in the trailers for this movie, the whole advertising campaign is all about this one particular spoiler, and it doesn’t reveal much about the comic books storyline but a spoiler it remains none the less. Take note, highlight the appropriate sections, and read on if you’re still interested.

[ I just got done watching Superman: Doomsday. Now before going into this I read all the reviews I could on Yahoo, IMDB, and other sources memory evades the specifics on and knew full well it would suck. Still though, thanks to the web plenty of free versions exist and I got to view it without downloading the thing so I figured eh, why not? So I saw the movie and man, did every single review peg it right on the nose. The animation is only a single step above South Park quality, the voice actors sound like they don't care about the lines they're reading, Lois Lane sounds like a geriatric woman and Superman sounds like the Family Guy version of Adam West, and the only thing this has to do with the comics is the characters doomsday and superman exactly. And by exactly, I mean they're in the film and they fight each other though even that is hardly done like it was in the comics. After Superman dies, which happens roughly thirty minutes into the film by the way, the plot throws the comics out the window and uses it’s own script involving Superman’s clone.

This flick is the worst animated super hero flick I’ve ever seen but even so the movie’s plotline and the battles Superman has save it from being absolute gutter. It truly does have the man of steel fighting more violently and destructively than he ever has before, so those interested in solely that will be content. For those looking for a plotline you’ll find a so-so Lois-centric journey here where she copes with losing Superman, discovering his secret identity, and finally finding him again. It’s as basic as it gets but it’s an entertaining enough plot to keep mild interest. This film is pretty mediocre all around but if you’ve nothing better to do and want to rent something out of boredom Superman saves the day in this one.

If your reading this without highlighting the spoiler sections then here is your version of the review without spoilers. The movie is mediocre in animation, voice acting, and over-all direction but a mildly interesting plot and the best animated action scenes Superman has ever had save it as a rental if nothing better is around and you and your friends are bored one night. Oh, and don't show this to the little kids, the deaths make this a definite PG-13 flick.

Though on the end of this posting, be sure to check out the actual Death of Superman comic series if you ever get the chance. The plotline is far better and you’ll be infinitely more entertained by the graphic novel or individual comic books than you’d ever be by this movie. Also if you want to see an example of an excellent comic to animated flick adaptation try Doctor Strange. A beautiful storyline, great animation, and top notch voice acting make it the exact opposite of Superman: Doomsday.
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