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GETs are the this format:
#postnumber GET!!! *insert insult or comment rubbing people's noses in it*

What post numbers you can GET:
- The first post after the threadmaker's (So, post #2)
- Round figures (posts ending in zero e.g. 100, 150, 200, etc...)
- Numbers in Sequence (e.g. 123, 4567 etc...)
- Repeating Numbers (e.g. 111, 2222 etc...)
- General Knowledge Dates (e.g. 1945, 1918, 1969 etc...)
- The Current Year
- Patterned Numbers (e.g. 2424, 4545 etc...)
- Special Numbers (e.g. 1337, 69 etc...)

What you cannot GET:
- Whole pages (e.g. Page 50 GET!!)
- Post numbers below 100 (except #2, #50 and #69)
- Post numbers in Tens (e.g. 10, 120, 3460 etc...)
- Dates which are not "general knowledge" (e.g. your birth year, the birth years of anime characters/celebrities, publishing years.)

You may doublepost to GET.
You may not do any more than a doublepost to GET

You can FAIL a GET by trying for one, and missing the post number, either prematurely posting, or posting late.
(example: By posting "2222 GET!!" on post number 2223, 2220 or similar)

If you FAIL a GET, you must edit your post as quickly as possible, and hope that no-one noticed your FAIL.
If you notice someone's FAIL, you must declare it, with a quote to PROVE IT.

(additionally, if someone declares your FAIL and does not quote it, then you tell them to PROOOOOOOOOOVE IT - if they can't, then your FAIL is nullified)

You are not automatically playing GET.
You cannot FAIL a GET if you don't try for it.

That is all, for now - I will post amendments as I remember them.

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