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Zombies, F*cking zombies...

Had a very long zombie dream that even jumped the gaps of waking up and falling back asleep, there was no escape...
It was taking place in my area to make matters worse, I could recognize my house and nearby streets...
I was out in town when it started, made a bee line for my house to arm myself.
Came across some people that had boarded up their building *an apartment or other large building like it* and told them I was
heading home to get supplies and weapons, after that I would return.

After getting home, arming myself, and getting some supplies together I was about to leave down the street when my father
drove up and parked his car. (My father is now in a wheelchair though in this dream he was still walking fine.)
As he started talking to me about how crazy everything was ans why I was loaded up to leave, what appeared to be a small group
of zombies closed in and I told him to move away from them, I instead started fighting them off.

The one I was fighting had a Kukri which seemed odd in itself, we clashed and soon realized neither were zombies as they had
also panicked and attack thinking we were at first. We were going to get what else we could carry from the house and load up the car
but we noticed that we had gotten the attention of nearby actual zombies, another issue being that the car's loud and the safe place
I was headed to was nearby so we'd only attract even more attention. We left the car in the driveway and made for the boarded up spot
I had come across only earlier, they let us in after being checked over for wounds then my father and I had a quick talk about if we should go back for the Merc (a 1952 Mercury) but we decided it was: A. Too dangerous with everyone and everything running around in a panic, and B. That the car was simply too loud and too close to where we were as it would simply attract attention so we should wait until we have to leave the area.

While we were there some police and fire fighters showed along with a paramedic or two, we stayed as low key as possible to attract as little attention as possible from looters and the undead. Some of the cops had dogs with them so there was added security there, we managed to stay alive long enough to see most of the initial confusion and death decrease over time until it was safe enough to look in nearby buildings for supplies. Once enough time had passed we decided it was time to look further away, do some scouting and such.

We were starting to run low on supplies from holding up so long and against our better judgement decided to send a team into the shopping mall, while there we saw very few bodies and the parking lot was nearly empty. Guess most people realized looting in a zombie outbreak was a stupid idea, well most people at least. Came across a guard that had hold himself up in the security room and surviving off stuff he could find in the building, he showed us some of the store that still had stuff in them which included a knife/sword store.

I recognized some of the items as being similar to some I knew from Reliks and was dividing what could and couldn't be used as a weapon/defense, while I was doing that and others were checking for food and such we heard what must of been either: Survivors, raiders, or the undead.

The dream ended after that, I woke up about 2 times during that, just kept continuing.
Didn't have to fight much while held up in the large community building which was nice, the parts were I had to though were still horrible.

For those of you wondering, this is Reliks:
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