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Had four dream sequences last night...

Sexy agent dream:
Was on the back of a snowmobile with a lovely lady agent driving, she didn't have much on and could see the strap of her panties/thong above her two piece body suit thing and I... I licked just about where a tail would be so the tail bone'ish area I guess, don't ask me why because I don't know... She let out a cute/something noise *cough* O///o anyway that's that.

Borderlands 2 like dream:
Was in a big open area doing missions, killing bosses and whatnot.
Ended up in a four person game and got all orange gear from them.
By far the most boring dream I've had, and I've dreamt of going into the kitchen to check the fridge...

Mixed up weird dream:
Dreamt I was here at home but that there were other people too and I was trying to be alone but kept getting bothered, it seemed anime'ish with a couple android girls and other folks. I had some sort of special room that was almost in another dimension I think and had someone trying to get in but set off an alarm, turned out it was one of the robot girls setting off my NOT A FREAKING HUMAN alarm system.

Fallout dream:
Was in a small space sort of like a long warehouse interior, a super mutant behemoth brakes through the gate ahead of me, me and my follower who I think was Boon from NV open fire and bring it down in time, then 3 more pile in and ghouls/zombies show up as things go to shite... I start firing into dark areas fearing a zombie attack, Boon goes down with a behemoth and I run for all hell.
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