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Originally Posted by killshot View Post
I've had a pretty fucked up dream one night. From what I remember, wolves were attacking my house and most of the people in town were killed. My dad leaves the house with a rifle and I follow after him with my knife. He disappears into the woods and I was immediately attacked by a pack of wolves. I ran to get back inside, but one of the wolves bit into my leg. I wedged myself between the door and the wolf and started stabbing the wolf in the face. It turned into a bloody mess, but I eventually got it. I'm laying on my doorstep bleeding out and my dad comes back saying he got 13 of them today. Then I wake up.

Weirdest part is, I could feel my leg being torn apart. It was the same leg I broke a few years ago. I don't know much about dreams, but I was pretty freaked out for awhile.
Realistic pain in dreams is one of the worst things that my brain does to me, because my brain is a horrible friend
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