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Originally Posted by CELTICfan1888 View Post
The government must ban or heavily regulate the ownership of firearms as gun violence will continue, or even increase, as long as such weapons are allowed by the American constitution.
2 notes:

1. Historical weapons
2. Entertainment shoots

As to point 1, many historical weapons (MG42, MP40, Thompson, STEN, Vickers ect...) are fully automatic. banning all full auto guns would mean these guns would either have to be destroyed, or altered in such a way that it damages their historical value. Too many times in the UK, stashes of rare weapons have been totally destroyed by overzealous police forces. Surely some consideration must be taken for these too?

And to point 2, I direct you to this video.

this is generally classified as a Shitload of fun. These people plan to hurt nobody, and in relation to point 1 many of the guns they shoot are historic. These people collect them and like to show them off at gatherings like this. Where else will you see a German WW2 MG34 anti-air mount shooting down RC planes? Again, do you turn round and demand these people hand in their entertainment and passions, on the off chance that it MIGHT save peoples lives later down the line?

At the end of the day what are the majority of gun crimes in the US committed with? Handguns. Not miniguns, or anti-tank rifles, or sub-machine guns. Handguns. If anything needs to be regulated more, it's handgun ownership. THAT is the gun law that would make the most impact.

On top of that, US society needs to change too. It's not the only change that is needed, but it is essential if we want to see a reduction in these sorts of heinous crimes.
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