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Originally Posted by SailorAthena View Post
The kkk and the nazi's had strength in numbers. Stricter laws isn't taking away the freedom of millions. Making a registry of the mentally ill instead of gun owners is only going to mean discrimination justified cause they're the ones to blame. And stricter laws does mean less mass shootings, at least in other countries
That's true, but it doesn't change the fact that it can be done.

By "stricter laws" I meant outright banning of some or all weapons. Which would be removal of freedoms.

Exactly, and discriminating against them won't help anyones case really. In the UK there are some medical conditions that disallow you (regular seizures, and other muscle spasm/loss of control related things) as well as some mental ones (like depression and bipolar) that CAN limit you, at your GP's discretion. It works fairly well.

Stricter laws does not necessarily correlate directly with lower mass shootings. There are many, many other factors to take into account. Population, population distribution, education, medical, not even mentioning society's images as a whole. All of these and probably many many more can make serious impacts on the data. It's not fair to draw direct conclusions from say, the UK to the US, as there are multiple differences beyond the laws themselves. In fact, the US is very much in it's own bubble. There's no other country out there with similar laws, population, education and healthcare to compare it to. This is why statistics have to be looked at VERY carefully.
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