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"angry cucumber chicken curry"

1 small onion
1 half a large cucumber
1 lb of chicken
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 jar orange marmalade
4 tbsp Graham Marsala Paste
1-2 cups of white vinegar
1-2 cups of water
1 and 1/2 cup white wine, separated
1 tbsp dried thyme
a couple tablespoons of your favorite oil

Rice for side

So to start off with, take the vinegar, water, and 1 cup of white wine and put them in a bowl together. Then chop up the cucumber into large quarters, and stick them in the vat of stuff. Chop up the onion, do the same with it, but simply lay it on top of the cucumber, don't bother mixing or anything.

Take your chicken, chop it up into large squares, make sure you keep any juices that escape. Stick the Soy sauce, chicken juice, marmalade, 1/2 cup of white wine, thyme, and Marsala into a bowl together, mix till its a liquid consistency and the Marsala paste and jelly are actually a part of the mix, not just chucks lying around. Add chicken, mix, and let sit for about a minute, preferably covered for health reasons.

Heat up oil, take bowl of veggies and dump excess water/vin/wine liquid out. Once oil is hot but not smoking add the chicken, but don't add all of the quickie marinade. Be careful, don't burn yourself. Add Veggies to last of marinade mix and stir it well.

Stir fry chicken for a minute or two by itself, till no pink is showing on the outside, then add last of marinade/sauce and veggies. Continue stir-frying till onions are translucent, chicken is cooked all the way through, and cucumbers begin to look like zucchini. There should be plenty of sauce in the wok/pot with whatever you cooked at this point as well, don't over cook it.

Eat on bed of rice and enjoy meal that is oddly spicy, sweet, sour, and all around nommy.
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