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Originally Posted by HydroCobra View Post
That doesn't answer my question...
Originally Posted by HydroCobra View Post
Why have a lot of people watched it? Why does it appeal to people?
The question was 'How is Evangelion mainstream?', not 'Why is Evangelion mainstream?'. It's mainstream because people watched it a lot for various reasons.

If you want to know why they did so, I'd venture to say because a lot of people really enjoy trying to read into vaguely symbolic storylines. Further, such storylines lend themselves to mass discussion by the userbase, something that itself contributes to a growing fanbase/widespread attention and notoriety, regardless of whether those watching it enjoy it or not.

Also, it has giant robots, and giant robots are cool.

Unless RebornZombie or killshot visits this thread, that's probably the best answer you'll get here.

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