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Originally Posted by WhiteMageBakura View Post
Greetings, TenderPuzzleThief! I am the Level 13 White Mage Bakura from the Monster World Tabletop RPG, and I... *pauses*

Okay, I'm not really the White Mage. I just one of his biggest fangirls that loves to roleplay as him all the time. *chuckles* ^^"

But anyway, welcome to the forums! It's a pleasure to meet you

I always RP with my friend Black-Rose-of-Ra in the PM's all the time, and there's actually two characters I'm roleplaying as that are currently gender-bent in that roleplay, which are the White Mage and Yami Bakura. I mainly like to RP as White Mage Bakura and the other Bakuras in the Yugioh Universe, and Black Rose RP's as mainly Marik Ishtar and Yami Marik(aka Melvin). Though if you'd like to roleplay with me and Black Rose sometime, then you don't have to worry about me stealing Yami Bakura. He's all yours!

Thanks for the welcome!

I'm secretly a huge Melvin fangirl....just don't tell my Marik....*Wink*

Not gonna lie, you sound pretty awesome, like say.... Level 13 awesome...Oh gods I apologize....sometimes my compulsive need to make corny jokes gets the better of me.

In terms of my role play, I currently work through my Instagram account. On there Bakura is married (recently) to Marik (or at least, one of the many I know on there XD) and is also seeing Ryou, you know, Because of their bond as a Yami and Hikari. Actually, currently Ryou is 8 months along with Bakura's child and Marik's handling it pretty well. Umm, Atem is technically married to both Yugi and Yami, but I'm having issues with the person who roleplays as Yami so a divorce may happen. But hey, I won't continue to rant about my messed up RP's XD
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