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Originally Posted by SailorAthena View Post
Australia got it passed in 12 days and it's worked over there. If you blame a particular group of people what do you think will happen? People can be really cruel :( It's easy to say 'that person was obviously not sane' but there are a lot of people who just like to be horrible to others and you'd be painting innocent vulnerable people with the same brush, people who are far more likely to be victims then hurt others. Regulations is not banning, it just makes it harder for people to get guns and there shouldn't be anything wrong with that D: People should have to prove above and beyond that they're responsible enough to own a gun. There have already been a lot of good ideas in previous posts, such as maybe people can go to a place run by professionals instead if they want to use guns that they normally wouldn't be able to buy (such as that really big gun biggles posted) but it seems people don't want to change or do anything that could affect them in any way (again though if you're responsible with guns it wouldn't really affect you). A lot of people want whats easier for them personally and what happens to others is someone else's problem. If it works in several different countries then why not try it? It's better than doing nothing
I concur.
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